Don Quixote Dictinary. Compiled by Tom Lafthrop.

Don Quixote Dictionary

Don Quixote Dictionary

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abad parish priest [I12], abbot [II25]

abadejo codfish [I2]

abadesa abbess [I52]

abajar to lower [I31], -se to bow down [I42], to lower oneself [II6]

abajo down [I6], after (in time) [II49]

abalanzarse to dash [I11]

abandonar to abandon [I40]

abarraganada in concubinage [II5]

abarraganado lover [II9]

abatanar to overcome [I21]

abatido disheartened [II26]

abatir to bring down [II43]; -se to submit [dedI], to swoop down [II22], - tienda to draw awnings back [I

abc alphabet [prI]

abecedario alphabet [prI]

abeja bee [I11]

abernuncio I renounce [II35]

abertura spit [II26]

abismo hell [I9], abyss [I14]

ablandar to soften [I20]; -se to relent [II35]

abobado spellbound [II25]

abolengo lineage [II47]

abollado dented [I25]

abominable abominable [II70]

abominar (de) to curse [I51]

abonar to vouch for [II1], to ensure [II22]

abono behalf [II32]

aborrecer to hate [I20]

aborrecible loathsome [II10]

aborrecido hated [prI]

aborrecimiento dislike [I21], loathing [II74]

abrasado burned [I5]

abrasar to set afire [I7], to burn [II65], -se to get burned [II41]

abrazado embracing [I32]

abrazamiento embracing [I23]

abrazar to embrace [I3], to surround [I7], to clutch [I9]

abrazo hug [II13]

abreviar to cut short [I3]

abrigo shelter [dedI]

abrir: - camino to make way [II53], en un - y cerrar de ojos in the twinkling of an eye [II29]

abrojo metal thorn [II36]

absolver to absolve [I51]

absortar to absorb [prI], amazed [II25]

absorto absorbed in thought [I18]

abstenerse to abstain [I20]

absurdo absurdity [I48]

abundancia abundance [I2]

abundante abundant [II20]

abundantísimo very abundant [I31]

abundantísimo very abundant [II67]

abundar to abound [II11]

abundoso abundant [I48]

abuso abuse [I2], misuse [II43]

acá here [I18], después - since then [II1]

acabable transitory [II8]

acabado finished [I10], perfect [I21], dead [II12]

acabamiento end [I52]

acabar to finish [I1], to wind up [I28], -se to be gotten [II65]académico academician [I52]

acaecer to happen [I15]

acaecimiento incident [I23]

acamuzado chamois skin [II46]

acanalado as if through a pipe [II22], grooved [II47]

acardenalado bruised [I16]

acardenalar to bruise [II69]

acariciar to treat tenderly [I37]

acarrear to carry [I34], to cause [II1]

acarriba above, up here [II23]

acaso by chance [I2], on occasions [I10], perhaps [II17]

acatamiento veneration [dedI], respect [I48]

accidente bond [II19]

acebo holly [I13]

acedo harsh [II10]

aceite olive oil [I12], oil [I50]

aceitera oil container [I17]

aceituna olive [II52]

acelerado hurried [I13]

acémila (de repuesto) pack mule [I19]

acendradísimo very unblemished [II38]

acento inflection [I27], sound [I46]

aceña water mill [II29]

acerado made of steel [II14]

acerca de about [I30]

acercarse to go/draw near [I14]

acero steel [I51]

acertadísimo very correct [II25]

acertado correct [I3]

acertado correct [II5]

acertar to happen [prI], to succeed [I3], to hit [I9], to guess [I24], to find [I27], to be right [I50]

acertar to succeed [II4], to achieve [II19], to guess correctly [II25], - a "could" [ded. II]

acetaban = aceptaban accepted [I26]

acetar to accept [II52]

achaque subject [I8], pretext [I40]

aciago sad [I28], ill-fated [II10]

acicalada shiny [II48]

acidente = accidente [I12]

ación = acción [prI]

aclamar to acclaim [II56]

aclarar to break day [I42/43], -se to clarify [I48]

acobardado low spirited [I8], unnerved [II17]

acobardar to intimidate [prI], to terrify [I27]

acocear to trample [II18]

acogemiento = acogimiento

acoger to receive [I11], to take in [I41], -se to resort to [I5], to take refuge [I16]

acogida welcome [I42]

acogimiento reception [dedI], welcome [I11], shelter [I17]

acólito acolyte [II51]

acometedor attacker [I52], attacking [II1]

acometer to attack [I3], to undertake [I13]

acometimiento undertaking [II10]

acomodado reasonable [I1], appropriate [I22], settled [I24], accommodated [I42]acomodar to accommodate [I2], to make fit [I1], to put in shelter [I2], to accompany [I2], to place [I22], to adjust [I27], to arrange [I11], -se to sup ply oneself [I4], to accommodate oneself [I42]

acompañado follower [II13]

acompañamiento retinue [II44]

acompañar to follow [I4], to accompany [I8]

acondicionado trained [I18], mal - with a bad disposition [II65]

aconsejado ill advised [II29]

aconsejar to advise [I3]

acontecer to happen [prI]

acontecimiento event [I15], undertaking [I3]

acordado agreed [reI], reminded [I19]

acordar to remind [I27], to resolve [I5], -se to remember [prI]

acorrer to succor, help [I3]

acorrucarse to curl up in a ball [I16]

acortar to shorten [I30]

acosado pursued [I19]

acosar to harass [I31]

acostado lying down [I16]

acostar to put to bed [I35], to lie a person down [I46]

acostumbrado usual [prI], accustomed [I20], customary [I22]

acotación marginal note [prI], quotation [I33]

acotán falcon-like bird of prey [II10]

acotar to annotate [prI]

acrebillar = acribillar to pinch [II50]

acrecentar to increase [prI]

acreditado confirmed [II25]

acreditar to affirm [I28], to vouch for [I40], to confirm [I50], authenticate [II73], -se to affirm honor [I27]

acreedor creditor [II45]

acribar to sift [I31]

acrisolar to test [I33]

activo active [II8]

acto = auto sentence[I5], general public punishment [I26]

acuchillado holes (as if) cut by knives [I27], slashed [II1]

acuchillador slashing [II1]; quarrelsome man [II49]

acuciarse to hurry [I52]

acuciarse to hurry [I50]

acudir to go [prI], to run to [I3], to go [I18], to come [II4], to come to aid of [I34]

acuerdo concurrence [I6], awake [II12], memory [II67]; estar en su - to have one's wits [I41]

acuitarse to grieve [I2]

acullá over there [I12]

acurrucarse to curl up [II68]

acusar to denounce [reI], to advise [II4]

acuto acute [II38]

adahala gratuity [I31]

adalid leader [I42]

adamado feminine [II35]

adamar to adore [II1]

adarga shield [I1]adarme a bit; literally, 1/16 of an ounce [II44]

adarvar to stun [II35]

adelantado arch. governor [I7], in advance [II25]

adelantarse to move forward [I8], to go in advance [I41]

adelante forward [I2], pasar - to go on [I6], de allí - from then on [I3]; also = delante [II2]

adelfa oleander [I13]

adelgazar to grow thin [II10]

adeliñado adorned [II32], dressed [II73]

adeliñarse to prepare oneself [II42]

adeliño manner of dress [II48]

ademán preparation [I30], manner [I3], gesture [II20], attitude [II25], en - de with the intention of [I11]

además besides [I2], excessively [I18], very [II71]

aderente = adherente accouterment [I2], connected to [I7], follower [I11]

aderezado adorned [I21], equipped [I47]

aderezar to repair [I1], to prepare [I11]

aderezo material [I35], trappings [II16]

adevinar = adivinar [I12]

adiós good-bye [II24]

aditamento inducement [II7], added obligation [II51]

adiva jackal [II68]

adivinanza prophesies [II25]

adivinar to foretell [I12], to guess [I40]

adivino fortune teller [II1]

adjunto addition [I22]

adminícula in small doses [II47]

administración management [I1]

administrar to administer [I50]

admirable astonishing [II35]

admirablemente admirably [I51]

admiración wonder [I13]

admirado amazed [I5]

admirar to amaze [prI], -se to be amazed [I3], -se de to wonder at [prI]

admitido accepted [I3]

admitir to receive [I14], to accept [I23], to allow [II23]

adobar to repair [I30], to clarify [I47]

adobo added flavor [II13], en - pickled [II47]

¿adónde bueno? to where [II24]

adondequiera wherever [II18], anywhere [II23]

adoquiera anywhere [II48]

adorar to adore [I11]

adornarse to adorn oneself [I41]

adorno attire [I41], adornment [II41], -s ornaments [I11], earned [I14]

adquirir to acquire [I28]

adulación flattery [I29]

adulador flatterer [aprob. II]

adular to flatter [II38]

adulterado adulterated [aprob. II]

adunio abundant [II50]

adversidad adversity [II3]

adverso unfavorable [I39]advertencia judgment [I9], warning [I9]

advertido advised [I3], instructed [I7], noted [I33],

advertimiento advice [I33], warning [I41], lesson [II12], lack of caution [II38]

advertir to advise [I8], to note [I10], to point out [pról. II]

afabilidad graciousness [I12]

afable courteous [I1]

afamado famous [I6]

afán distress [I19]

afanar to toil [I13]

afear to condemn [I28], to make ugly [II14]

afectación affectation [aprob. II]

afecto way [I34]

afeminado bland [I15]

aferrado grasping strongly [II45]

aferrarse to anchor to [I34]

afición affection [I3], eagerness [I1], fondness [I9], interest [I24]

aficionado devotee [I9]; liking [I48], fond of [II18]

aficionarse fall in love with [I45], to take a liking to [II19]

afinado having tuned [an instrument] [II44]

afinar to tune an instrument [II46]

afincamiento = ahincamiento ardor [I2]

afirmar to affirm [II24], - el pie llano to behave [II6], -se to make oneself fast [I4], to maintain [I11], to confirm [II72]

aflición affliction [I42]

afligido afflicted [I17], distressed [I37]

afligirse to grieve [I8]

aforismo maxim [II47]

aforrado protected [I8], lined [II58]

aforro = forro lining [I47]

afortunado fortunate [I8]

afrenta affront [I3], disgrace [I16]

afrentado offended [I15]

afrentarse to be ashamed [I28]

africano African [II17]

afrontarse to confront [II1]

¡afuera! out! [I34]

agalla gill [II10]

agareno Mohammedan [II34]

agarrar to grab [II50]

agasajar to receive and treat kindly [I11]

agazapar to crouch [I28], to duck [II26]

agible feasible [I26]

agigantado gigantic [II36]

ágil agile [II7]

agilitarse to make active [II34]

agobiado bent over [I15]

agobiarse to bend over [II55]

agonía anxiety [I33]

agora = ahora [prI]

agorero ill-boding [I14]; superstitious [II22]; soothsayer [II58]

agostado withered [II12]

agraciado graceful [I18], genteel [I23]

agradable pleasant [I1]

agradablemente graciously [dedI]

agradar to please [I15]agradecer to thank [prI]

agradecidísimo very grateful [II14]

agradecido pleasing [I7], acknowledged [I24], grateful [I27], favored [I39]

agradecimiento thankfulness [I24], gratitude [I12]

agrado affability [II18]

agraviado aggrieved [I13]

agraviar to harm [I8]

agravio injury [I1], wrong [I2], offense [I22]

agraz, en prematurely [II38]

agregar to add [II27]

agua rain [I42], de - y lana of little worth [II13]

aguachirle watered-down wine [II20]

aguamanos water for washing hands [II31]

aguar to mar pleasure [I20], to water down [II51]

aguardador defender [I37]

aguardar(se) to wait [I2], to await [I4], to expect [II16]

agudeza subtlety [prI], repartee [I6]

agudo sharp [I13]

agüela = abuela grandmother [I49]

agüela grandmother [II20]

agüelo = abuelo grandfather, pl. ancestors [II5]

agüero omen [II8]

agüero omen [I41]

aguijar to make haste [I34], to hurry [II14]

aguijón prick [I20], spike [I10]

águila eagle [II22]

aguileño aquiline [II14]

aguja needle [I28]

agujereado punctured [II55]

agujero needle maker [I17], hole [I33], window [I42/43]

aguzar to sharpen [II58]

ahechar to sift [I31], to give [II25]

ahecho winnowing [II32]

ahí there [prI], por - over there [I1]

ahijado godson [I3], master [II14]

ahijar to adopt [prI]

ahincado zealous [I34]

ahinco zeal [I15], insistence [I36]

ahita overeating [II25]

ahitarse to gorge [I37]

ahogar to throttle [I1], -se to drown [I41]

ahondar to dig into [I33]

ahora1/4 ahora [ora] whether1/4 or [II21]

ahorcado hanged [II51]; hanged person [I25]

ahorcar(se) to hang (oneself) [I25]

ahorrar to spare [I6], to save [I10], to liberate [II24]

ahorrativo economizing [II40]

ahorro sparing [I48]

ahuyentar to drive away [II68]

aína soon [II49], más - rather [I18]

airado furious [I4]

airarse to anger [II1]

aire air [I3], wind [II14]

aislado isolated [II8]

ajedrez chess [I32]ajeno of another person [dedI], irrelevant [I3], of another [I14]; - de void of [prI]

ajo garlic [II31]

ajorca bracelet [I40]

ajuar trousseau [II52]

ajustar to adapt [I28]

ál other, anything else [I2]

ala wing [I19], row [II34], en - in a half-circle [II60]

Alá Allah [I40]

alabado praised [prI]

alabanza praise [I3]

alabar to praise [prI]

alabarda halberd [II24]

alabastro alabaster [I13]

alambre wire [II74]

alameda poplar grove [II28]

álamo poplar tree [I51]

alancear to spear [I18]

alano great Dane [I6]

alárabe Arab [I39]

alarde, hacer to boast [II16]

alargar to reach [I13], to extend [I20]

alarido howl [II23]

alba dawn [I4], al romper del - at daybreak [I34]

albacea executor [II74]

albanega hairnet [I16]

albañil bricklayer [II6]

albañir = albañil bricklayer [I20]

albar white [II13]

albarda packsaddle [I42/43]

albarrazado reddish brown [II39]

albedrío will [prI]

albergar to reside [I23], -se to lodge [II22]

albo very white [II35]

albogue cymbal [II19]

albondiguillas small meat balls [II62]

alborotado turbulent [I5], agitated [I12], excited [I22]

alborotar to create disorder [I45], to excite [II11], -se to get excited [I20], to get worried [I40]

alboroto tumult [I21]

alborozado exhilarated [I4]

alborozar to delight [I47]

alborozo exhilaration [I2]

albricias reward [I31], good news [II65], dar - to congratulate [II25]

alcabala tax [prI]

alcabalero tax collector [II52]

alcahuete pimp [I22]

alcaide governor [I2], governess [II38]

alcaidía governor's office house [I5]

alcalde mayor [priv. II], judgeship [I2], friend at court [II43], magistrate [II48], judge [II66]

alcaller potter [II30]

alcance: dar - to affect [I14], andar en los -s to almost figure out, ir a los - to pursue [I52]

alcancía "piggy bank" [II20], vessel of clay [II53], money box [II67]

alcanzar to reach, to attain [prI], to understand [I14], to obtain [I44], to overtake [II24]alcatifa pew cushion made of silk of wool [II5]

alcázar palace [I2]

alcornoque cork tree [I11]

alcornoqueño cork adj. [II10]

alcurnia family [I13], ancestry [I22], lineage [I49]

alcuza cruet [I17]

aldabazo loud knock [II9]

aldea village [I2]

aldeana village girl [II10]

aldeano villager [I28]

aldegüela village rustic [I46]

alegar to allege [I38], to quote [II24]

alegoría allegory [II22]

alegrar to gladden [I14], -se to be happy [I18]

alegre merry [I13], happy [I40]

alegría joy [I6]

alejarse to go away [I18]

alemán foreign-made [II32], German [II54]

Alemania Germany [I49]

alemaña animal rustic [II29], Alemaña Germany

alentar to breathe [I45], to cheer up [aprob. II]

alerta, estar to be on the watch [II47], to be alert [II54]

alerto alert [II59]

alevosía treachery [I3]

alevoso treacherous [I3]

alfana strong horse [I18]

alfanje short, curved sword [I37]

alfaquí Arabic professor of jurisprudence [II67]

alfenique, -ñique almond paste [II1]

alferecía epilepsy [II14]

alférez lieutenant [I39]

alfiler straight pin [I26]

alfilerazo pin prick [II69]

alfombra carpet [II21]

alforja saddlebag [I3], -s knapsack [I20]

algalia civet [I4]

algarroba carob bean [II13]

algazara uproar [II20]

algodón cotton [I25], cotton ball [I4]

alguacil constable [II48], - de corte bailiff [II38]

alguna cosa something [I2]

alhaja belonging [I18]

alhelí clove pink flower [II41]

alheña, hecho una beaten up [pról. II]

alhombra = alfombra carpet [I50]

alhucema lavender [II67]

aliaga furze (thorny plant) [II61]

aliento vigor [I5], breath [I8]

aligerar to hurry [II49]

alimaña animal [I50]

alimentar to nourish [I36]

alimpiar to clean [aprob. II]

alindar to border on [I30]

alisarse to make smooth [II41]

alistarse to prepare [I29]

aliviadísimo very relieved [I17]

aliviar to lighten [I19], to remedy [I24], to relieve [I49

alivio relief [prI]

aljaba quiver [II44]

aljófar seed pearl [I41]allanar to subdue [I34], -se to level out [II52]

allegado follower [I37]

allende overseas [I1]

allí junto nearby [I10]

allombre = al hombre [I23]

alma soul [prI], heart [II35]

almacén warehouse [II67]

almagre red paint [II10]

almalafa Moorish cape [I37]

almario = armario cabinet [I46]

almeja mussel [I50]

almena battlement [I2]

almendra almond [II23], stone [I18]

almete helmet [I19]

almíbar syrup [II38]

almidón starch [II18]

almidonar to starch [II24]

almilla jacket [II1]

almirez mortar [II70]

almohada cushion [I8]

almohadilla sewing cushion [I28]

almohaza currying brush [II67]

almohazar to curry [II32]

almorzar to eat lunch [II7]

alojamiento lodging [II19]

alojar to lodge [I10]

alongado departed [I21], a good distance away [II27]

alongar to throw [II19], -se to go away [I17]

alquiler, de for rent [I8], rental [I29]

alquimia fool's gold [II6], alchemy [II16]

alrededor around [II27], - de surrounding [I13]

alrededores surroundings [I41]

altamente highly [II16]

altanería falconry [II30], highness [II30], -s heights [II41]

altanero high-flying [II22]

altar altar [II8]

alteración strong emotion [I28], quarrel [I50]

alterado rough [I41], angry [II1]

alterar to change [I33], -se to be upset [II70], -sele la cólera to become angry [II26]

altercar to debate [II41]

alteza high level [I24], loftiness [I41]

altibajo downward thrust [II19]l, -s ups and downs [II3]

altillo little hill [I18]

Altísimo God [II32]

altisonante high-sounding [I22]

altivez haughtiness [I12]

alto high-born [I25], high-sounding [I1], stop [I10], layer of fabric [II10], de - abajo all the way down [II63]

altura height [I14]

aludir to allude [II8]

alumbrar to illuminate [I4], to shine [I49]

alzado cleared [I50]

alzamiento revocation [I25]

alzar to raise [I3], to pick up [I21], to remove [I25], -se to raise [I2], to go away [II49]

ama housekeeper [I1], mistress [I34], wet-nurse [II44]

amable loveable [I14]

amado beloved [I25]amador lover [I14]

amainado lowered [II63]

amainar to take in the sails [I41],

amancebado cohabitating [I24]

amanecer daybreak [I7]; to dawn [I17], to arrive at dawn [I41], to wake up [I31]

amansar to tame [I42/43]

amantado draped [II36]

amante lover [I12]

amañarse to find a way [II13]

amaranto amaranth [II20]

amargamente bitterly [I34]

amargar to sting [II35]

amargo bitter [I13]

amargura bitterness [II18]

amarillez yellowness [II16]

amarillo yellow

amarra rope [II29]

amarrar to tie [II35]

amasar to knead [II33]

ámbar ambergris [I4]

ambición ambition [II32]

ambicioso greedy [I27], ambitious [II2]

ambos both [I20], - para en uno well-matched [I19]

amén except [I2], - de besides [I12]

amenaza threat [I14]

amenazador threatening [II1]

amenazar to threaten [I4], to menace [I8]

amenidad amenity [prI]

amenísimo very pleasant [II23]

ameno pleasant [II23]

amigo fond [II16]

amistad friendship [prI]

amo master [I4]

amohinarse to be irritated [I17]

amojamado dried up [II1], dry-cured [II23]

amor love [prI]

amoratado purple [II14]

amores amours [I1]

amorosamente lovingly [I33]

amoroso amorous [I11], affectionate [I42], gentle [II69]

amortiguado deadened [I24]

amparar to protect [I11]

amparo protection [I3]

ampo whiteness [II10]

anales annals [I2]

anascote lightweight wool [II38]

anca crupper [I3]

anchísimo stately [II23]

ancho broad [I2]

anchura breadth [I42/43], a sus -s freely [I49]

ancianidad age [II13]

anciano very old [I23]; old man [II23]

áncora anchor [I34]

andadura length [I35]

Andalucía Andalusia [I2]

andaluz Andalusian [I2]

andamio scaffold [II14], platform [II19]

andante errant [I1]

andantesca belonging to knights errant [I7]

andanza, mala bad fortune [I19]

andar to go [Ipról.], to act [I34], to float [II10], to walk around [II25]; a más - quickly [II8], - de nones to be vagrant [II49];andar, cont'd. por - future [II73]

andariego swift [II1], gad-about [II1]

andas litter [I13]

andurriales by-roads [I29]

anegarse to drown [I14]

anejo a associated with [I15]

anexo a usual [I23]

ángel angel [I23], agua de -es perfumed water [II32]

angosto narrow [II6]

anguila eel [II18]

ángulo angle [II19]

angustia anguish [I20]

angustiado needy [II19], miserable [II48]

anillo ring [I10]

ánima soul [I4], fortitude [I3]

animal animal [I41]

animalejo small animal [I33]

animar(se) to encourage (oneself) [I19], to cheer up [II74]

ánimo spirit [I3], mind [I13], courage [I23], heart [I45]; poco - faint-hearted [I20]; tener - to have courage [I22]

animosísimo very courageous [I32]

animoso courageous [I32]

aniquilar to annihilate [I4], to humble [I22]

anjeo coarse linen [I16]

anochecer to fall asleep [I31], to grow dark [I2], to become night [II23]; nightfall [I2], to leave at nightfall [I41]

anotación annotation [prI]

anotar to annotate [prI]

ansí thus [I1]

ansia longing [I21], -s nausea [I17], torture [I22]

ansimesmo = ansimismo

ansimismo also [I22], likewise [I3]

ansioso in anguish [II28]

antaño yesteryear [II43]

ante before [I2], rather [prI]

antecedente preceding [I7]

antecoger to catch [II25]

antecogido followed [II17]

antecogiendo gathering [I19]

antes rather [I8]

antesala antechamber [II37]

antifaz veil [I26], mask [I37]

antiguo ancient [prI]

antípodas antipodes [II45]

antiquísimo very old [I21]

antojadizo capricious [prI]

antojarse to fancy [I3], to feel like [I8]

antojo fancy [I26], -s glasses [II19]

antojos de camino traveling masks [I8]

antojuno with eyeglasses [II48]

antonomasia call by nickname [I33]

antorcha torch [II53]

antropófago cannibal [II68]

anublar to cloud [pról. II]

anudar to join [II17]

anular to rescind [I10]

anzuelo hook [aprob. II]

añadidura addition [I1], por - in addition [I22]

añadir to add [I1]

añascar to confound [I20]añejo wine [II3]

año, mal see mal año

añudado tied together [I35], withered [II47]

añudar to tie [I27]

apacentar to graze [I18]

apacibilidad gentleness [I47]

apacible pleasant [prI], affable [I30]

apaciguar to calm down [I24]

apagar to put a flame out [I16]

apaleado drubbed (person) [I4]

apalear to maul [I19], to snatch [II47]

aparadores, rodilla de dishrag [II32]

aparatos preparations [I39], festivities [I19]

aparejadísimos very prepared [II38]

aparejar to prepare [II4], -se to get ready [I8],

aparejos equipment [reI], trappings [I21]

aparente make-believe [II12]

apariencia appearance [I1], special effect in the theater [I48]

apartado distant [I14], out of the way [I27], separated [I40]

apartamiento isolated room [II9]

apartar to dissuade [I20], to put aside [II24], to lift up [II41], -se to separate oneself [I3], to withdraw [I4], to split [I42], to make way [I53]

aparte to one side [I6]

apasionado fond [I48]

apeado gotten off

apeamiento dismounting [II29]

apear(se) to dismount [I2]

apedernalado flinty [II35]

apelativo distinctive [I19]

apellidar to call together [I41]

apellido last name [I40]

apenas scarcely [I4], hardly [I2]

apercebido prepared [I41]

apero flock [I51]

apersonado good-looking [II48]

apesarado troubled [II64]

apetecer to crave [I27]

apetites reason [II14]

apetito appetite [I24], desire [I36]

apicarado mischievous [II32]

apiñado crowded together [II58]

aplacar to pacify [I35], -se to abate [I15]

aplacer to please [I39]

aplauso solemnity [I32], flattery [pról. II], applause [II26]

aplazado agreed upon [II56]

aplicación application [II73]

aplicado persevering [II22]

aplicar to apply [I11], to give [II51], -se to boast [I51]

apocado reduced [I16]

apocar to undervalue [I7], to diminish [I51]

apócrifo apocryphal [I48]

apoderarse to take possession of [II16]

aporreado cudgeled [I13]

aporreante combatant [I52]

aporrear to knock [I21], to pound [I45], to beat [II17]

aporrearse to punch oneself [II47]

aportar arch. to bring [I25]aposento room [I6], space [II56]

aposta on purpose [II46]

apostar to bet [I10]

apostura neatness [I23], bearing [I37]

apoyar to support [I34]

apreciador assessor [II26]

aprehensión understanding [II1], apprehension [II14]

apremio constraint [I4]

apresurado hurried [II21]

apresurarse to hurry [II49]

apretado compressed [I28], dense [I40], cornered [II14], in a tight spot [II70]

apretar to distress [I2], to clutch [I4], to tighten [I20], to drive [II7], to squeeze [II17], to bite [I34]; - el cerco to lay siege [I34]

apriesa arch. in a hurry [I2]

aprieto difficulty [I20], awkward situation [II5]

aprisco fold [I50]

aprobación probation [I21], approval [I48]

aprobar to approve [prI]

apropiado suitable [II1]

aprovechamiento advantage [I49]

aprovechar to be(come) useful [I14], to be of help [I42/43], no - to do no good [I18]; -se de to make use of [prI], to take advantage of [I21]

apuesta bet [II62]

apuesto elegant [I17]

apuntado noted [reI], pointed out [I10]

apuntamiento agreement [II52]

apuntando aiming [I22]

apuntar to aim [I20], to prompt [I30], to write down [II3], -se to get angry [II19]; - a dar to hint at [I24]

apuñeado pummeled [I16]

apurado investigated minutely [I21], drained [I24]

apurarse to hurry [I42/43]

aqueso that [I32]

aqueste this [I33]

aquéste that one [I25]

aquí adelante, de from now on [I4]

aquistarse to be acquired [II42]

árabe Arab [I18]

arábigo Arabic [I9]

arado plow [I11]

arancel law [I35]

arañar to scratch [II7]

arar to plow [II53]

arbitrante adviser [II1]

arbitrio judgment [II1], will [II1]

árbitro arbitrator [I46]

árbol mast [I41], tree [I3]

arboleda wooded area [II59]

arca chest [II20]

arcabucería musketry [I38]

arcabuz musket [I41]

arcabuzazo musket wounds [I51]

archiduque archduke [II29]

archivo archive [prI]

arco bow [I18], - del cielo rainbow [I13]

arder to burn [I7]

ardid ruse [II21], scheme [II56]

ardiente burning [I1]ardimiento undaunted courage [I19]

ardite old coin of little value [I17]

ardor vigor [I2], heat [I12]

arduo difficult [I27]

arena sand [prI]

arenga harangue [I5]

arenoso sandy [I40]

arenque herring [I18]

argado bad move [II69]

argamasa cement [I11]

argentado silvered [II35]

argentería: hojas de - de oro golden sequins [II35]

argolla iron ring [I22]

argüir to argue [I49]

argumento argument [II40]

arista chaff [II39]

arma emergency [II53]; -s arms [II6], armor [I1], coat of arms [II18]; tocar (al) - to sound the alarm [I1]

armada fleet [I25]

armado dubbed [I2], armed [I2], with armor on [I29], ready [I48]

armadura armor [I18]

armar to dub [I2], to equip [I40], to put together [II20], to set up [II25], -se to arm oneself [I2], to be dubbed a knight [I2]

armas armor [I1], arms [I2]

armazón dubbing [I3]

armería armory [I49]

arminio = armiño ermine [I33]

armiño ermine [I2]

armonía harmony [I2]

armónico harmonic [II67]

arnaúte Albanian [I39]

arnés coat of mail [II22], suit of armor [II52], - tranzado articulated armor [II52]

aromático aromatic [I31]

arqueta small chest [I3]

arráez Arabic captain [II63]

arraigado of the landed gentry [II43]

arraigar to take hold [II74]

arrancar to draw out [I17], to pull out [I18], to pull off [I42/43]

arrasar to fill [II48]

arrastrado uncertain [II57]

arrastrar to drag [I25], -se to writhe [I41]

arrebatadamente hurriedly [II69]

arrebatar to carry off [I36], to snatch [I52]

arremangado rolled up sleeve [I18]

arremeter to attack [I4], to run to [I31], -se to dare to [II2]

arremetida attack [II55]

arrendador landlord [II52]

arrendamiento leasing [I50]

arrendar to tie a horse up [I35]; no le arrendara la ganancia I wouldn't like to be in their shoes [II1]

arreo continually [II12]

arreos trappings [I2]

arrepentido repentant [I27]

arrepentimiento repentance [I34]

arrepentirse to repent [I23]

arriba: medio cuerpo - from the waist up [I4], de - abajo from head to foot [I16], from top to bottom [I23]; más - de beyond [II24]arribar to arrive [II6]

arrimado leaning against [I3], placed near [I4], to stick [II14]

arrimarse to lean [II32], to depend on [II44]

arrimo prop [I33]

arrinconado discarded [II62]

arroba 11.5 kilos [I9]

arrobamiento amazement [I27]

arrocado turned-up [I42]

arrodillado kneeling [I36]

arrodillamiento kneeling down [II10]

arrogancia arrogant thing [I4]

arrogante haughty [I4]

arrojadamente rashly [aprob. II]

arrojado bold [I14]

arrojar to fling [I3], to emit [I36], -se to throw oneself [II29]

arropar to cover [I17]

arrostrar to face [II16]

arrostrar to confront [I30], to look at [II16]

arroyo stream [I14]

arroyuelo little stream [I25]

arrugado wrinkled [II47]

arrullador flatterer [II41]

arrullar lulling [I14]

arrumbadas forecastle [II63]

arte condition [I18], art [I23], way [II16] -s cunning [I7], - buenas fine arts [dedI]

artesa basin [II32], trough [II53]

artesilla basin [II32]

artesoncillo basin [II32]

artífice creator [pról. II]

artificio craft [I6], ploy [I7], cunning [I34], danza de - artistic dance [II20], figuras del - puppets [II25]

artificioso ingenious [I11], play-acted [II8]

artillería artillery [I33]

aruño = araño scratch [II52]

arzobispal referring to the archbishop [I29]

arzobispo archbishop [I7]

arzón pommel [I20], - postrero rear part of saddle frame [II43]

asado roasted [II13]

asador spit [II20]

asadura entrails [I21]

asaetear to shoot with arrows [II24]

asalariado on salary [I21]

asaltar to strike [I2], to assault [I34], to seize [I41]

asalto attack [I23]

asar to roast [II20]

asaz abundantly arch. [I25], enough [I42/43]

asco nausea [I18], disgust [aprob. II]

asconder = esconder to hide [I28]

ascua ember [II10]

ascuras = a escuras in the dark [I16]

aseado clean [II16]

asegurar to assure [I4], to calm [I41], to reassure [124], to make safe [I38], - la conciencia to clear one's conscience [II26], -se to insure against [I1], to assure oneself [I36]asendereado beaten [I25], overwrought [II9]< /P>

asentado established [II19]

asentar to note [I3], to fit [I7], to strike [I17], to settle [I1], to become [I7], to sit [I7], to seat [I45]; -se to sit down [II31]; - una plaza to begin military service [I39]

asesor legal adviser [II32]

asestar to aim [I38]

así thus [prI]; - como as soon as [I2], just as [I34]

asido attached [I23], grasped [I16], tied [II46]

asiento site [prI], seat [I24]

asimesmo = asimismo

asimismo therefore [I3], also [I7], likewise [I33]

asinino referring to asno [II33]

asir to grasp [I4], to hold [I22], to catch [II26], - de to hold [I3], to grasp [pról. II]

asistencia presence [I45]

asistente in attendance [II19]

asistir to be present [I34]

asnal asinine, that is "like a donkey" [II19]

asnalmente "on a donkey" [I7]

asno donkey [I5]

asolado devastated [II59]

asolar to destroy [I39]

asolver to resolve [II8]

asomar to appear [I8], -se to lean out [I41]

asombradizo shy [I19]

asombrado astonished [I35]

asombrar to terrify [II14], to darken [II39]

asombro dread [I32]

asomo trace [I52]

aspa windmill sails [I8]

aspado wound [I28]

aspar to wind [II47]

ásperamente harshly [II32]

aspereza hardship [I25], roughness [I42/43], -s rugged territory [I23]

áspero harsh [I14]

aspetator spectator Ital. [II19]

asqueroso revolting [I33], squeamish [II20]

astilla splinter [I5]

astillero lancerack [I1], shipyard [I41]

astrolabio old navigational instrument [II29]

astrología astrology [I12], - judiciaria astrological forecasting [II8]

astrólogo astrologer [I47]

astroso ragged [I24]

astucias cunning [I47]

asturiano from Asturias [I16]

astuto crafty [I24]

asumpto = asunto enterprise [II2]

asunto subject [aprob. II]

asurarse to be burned [II41]

asustado frightened [II47]

atabal drum [II26]

atadillo little bundle [I40]

atado tied [I2], bound [I22]

atadura restriction [II18]

atajar to cut across [I23], to cut off [I33]atajo shortcut [II61]

atalaya high place [II48], watch tower [II63], en - on guard [I33]

atalegar to hit with a sack [II14]

atambor = tambor drum [I18]

atañer to appertain [I2]

atar to tie [I4], to bind [I34], - bien el dedo to be careful [II7], ser un loco de - to me as mad as a hatter [II10]

atavío attire [II12]

atemorizar to frighten [II17]

atenazar to tear with red-hot pincers [II69]

atender arch. for to wait [I3], to attend [I7], - a to heed [I8]

atenerse to wait for [I21], to abide by [I37]

atenido dependent [I38], sticking to [II44]

atentadamente discreetly [II1]

atentado careful [I16]

atentamente carefully [I44]

atentar = tentar to feel with the fingers [I18]

atentísimamente very attentively [I49]

atentísimo very attentive [I34]

atento attentive [prI]

atenuado lean [I9]

aterrar to destroy [I14]

atestado crammed [I3], filled [I22]

atildadura care [II47]

atildar to spruce up [II67]

atinar to figure out [I42/43]

átomo atom [II1]

atónito astonished [I9]

atontado stupefied [I24]

atormentar to torment [II8]

atosigar to poison [II10]

atraer to attract [I12]

atraillar to be on a leash [I22]

atrancar to bar a door [I17]

atrás behind [I37]

atravesado stretched across [I15], squinting [I52], pierced [II34], stuck [II35]

atravesar to go across [I23], to place across [II34]

atreverse a to dare to [I14]

atrevidamente daringly [aprob. II]

atrevidillo impudent [II24]

atrevido impudent [I3], fearless [I5], daring [I10]; impertinent person [pról.II]

atrevido bold [II51]

atrevimiento insolence [I3], daring [I38]; daring act [II11]

atribuir to attribute [I4]

atribular to distress [II60]

atronar to stun [I45], to deafen [II9]

atropellado hasty [II60]

atropellar to push through [prI], to trample [I28], to overcome [I33]

atrozmente cruelly [I18]

aturdido dazed [I3]

atusar to smooth [II32]

audacísimo very bold [I28]

audiencia court of justice [I3]

auditorio audience [I32]

aula palace [I52]

aullido howl [I14]

aumentar to increase [I27]

aumento increase [I1]aun even [I35]

aún still [I6]

aunque although [prI], even though [I34], as though [I34]

aurora dawn [I2]

ausencia absence [I14]

ausentar to be absent [I14], -se to absent oneself [I20], to go away [I35]

ausente absent [I32]

auténticamente with authority [II72]

auténtico authentic [I52]

auto judgement [tasa II]

autor author [prI], authority [I1], perpetrator [I6], producer [I48], -es authorities [I2]

autoridad authority [prI], credit [I42]

autorizar to glorify [II17], to prove [I22], -se to find worth [II16]

avariento miser [II48]

avaro miserly [II6]

avasallado enslaved [I3]

avasallarse to submit to [II58]

ave bird [I8]

avecita little bird [II33]

avellana hazel nut [II10]

avellanado shriveled [prI], dry [I11], tanned [II50]

avemaría the Hail Mary prayer [I17]

avenir to happen [I2], to reconcile [I45], to adapt [I3], to act [II56]; -se to adapt [II11], to be together with [II53], to stay away [II62]

avenirse to be reconciled [I32]

aventajado superior [II14], aventajado excessive [II62]

aventajar to prefer [I37], -se to surpass [I4], to grow [II42]

aventura adventure [I1], risk [I33]

aventurar to venture [I8], -se to risk [I23]

aventurero knight errant [I2]; errant [I47]

avergonzado ashamed [II49]

avergonzarse to feel ashamed [I33]

averiguación verification [I15]

averiguado proven [I3], no - disputed [II19]

averiguar to find out [I2], to discover [prI]

avestruz ostrich [II23]

avieso adversely [I52], perverse [II62]

avisado clear-sighted [I27]

avisar to tell, warn [I5], to inform [I7], to send news [I42]

aviso counsel [I9], information [I14], announcement [I15], communication [I40]; advised [I15]; sobre - on guard [I24]

avispa wasp [II68]

avivado encouraged [I22]

avivar to inflame [I14], to encourage [I25]

ayo governor [I15]

ayudador helper [I35]

ayudar to help [I8]

ayunas, en fasting [II36]

ayunos without any idea [I48], fasting [II23]

ayunque = yunque
anvil [I33]

ayuntado joined [I46]

ayuntamiento town hall [II52]

ayuso beneath archaic [II50]

azabache jet [II21]

azacán water carrier [I21]

azada hoe [II52]

azadón pick-axe [II33]

azar lucky throw in dice [I25]

azófar brass [I21]

azogado, temblar como un to shake like a leaf [II32]

azogue mercury [I31]

azor falcon [II30]

azorarse to become distressed [II33]

azotaina whipping [II35]

azote whiplash [I4], whip [I9], lash [I26]

azotesco pertaining to whipping [II48]

azufre, piedra sulphur [I4]

azul blue [I37]

azumbre half gallon [I10]