Don Quixote Dictinary. Compiled by Tom Lafthrop.

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Don Quixote Dictionary

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dacá see paja

dádiva gift [I28], bounty [II20]

dadivoso generous [I39]

dado allowed [I8]; die [I20], - falso loaded dice [II33]; bien - delivered [I25], well-deserved [II26]

Dador God [I25]; dador giver [II58]

daga dagger [I27]

dama lady [prI]

damasco damask fabric [I37]

damiselas young lady [II62]

danza dance [I5]

danzador dancer [II62]

danzar to dance [II48], formal dancing [II62]

dañado wicked [I27]

dañador offender [I6]; harmful [I49]

dañar to harm [I12]

daño hindrance [I4], damage [I6], harm [II17]

dañoso harmful [II46]

dar to whip [II9], to get caught [II58]; - en to hit upon [I1], to take to [I12], to fall [I40], to insist on [II8]; - por to consider [II16]; - con to throw [I8], to come upon [II9], - tras to pursue [I69]; -se a< /B> to devote oneself to [I1], to dedicate oneself [I3], no -se manos not to be able [I22]; - fe to attest [tasa I], - a conocer to become known [I3], - agua to water [I3], - parte to inform [I2]. -es y tomares de bits and credits [II74]

dardo light lance [I22]

daría = diría [I34]

dátil date fruit [II21]

datilado date-colored [I37]

de from [II74]

debido due [I30]débil weak [I33]

debilitado weakened [I3]

decantado exalted [I13], moved [II29]

decantarse to lean towards [II51]

decencia dignity [I37]

decendencia = descendencia origin [I21]

decender = descender to descend [I40]

decendían = descendían [I22]

decendiente = descendiente descendent [I8]

decente honorable [II14]

deceplinante = disciplinante flagellant [I52]

dechado model [I47]

decir to mention [I32]; calling oneself [II18], to jibe [II34]

declaración telling [II26], deposition [II72]

declarado simple [II14]; translated [II39]

declarador narrator [II25]

declarar to make known [I1], to declare [I8], to exemplify [I20], to explain [I22]

declinación downward direction [II74]

declinar to come to a close [II68]

decorar to recite from memory [I11]

decoro decorum [prI]

decreto decree [tasa II]

dedito little finger [II18]

dedo finger [I10], atar bien el - to be careful [II7]

defecto defect [I33]

defender to maintain [I4], to defend [I8], to hold [II2], to prevent [II54], -se to defend onself [I4]

defensa protection [I11], defense [I8]

defensivo defensive [II16]

defensor defender [I39]

defraudado deprived [I13]

defraudar to defraud [I29]

degollado person with throat cut [II43]

degollar to behead [I30]

dehesa pasture [I15]

deidad deity [I41]

dejar to abandon [I2], to let go [I17], to leave [I26], to let [II9]; - caer to drop [I40], - de to fail to [prI], to stop [I12], no - de not to help but [I1], not to fail to [I1]

delante in front [I16]

delantera front [II17]

delantero in front [I20]

deleitable delightful [I42/43]

deleitar to delight [I11]

deleite pleasure [I24]

deleitoso delightful [II23]

delgadcísimo very fine [I50]

delgado fine [I6]

deliberado considered [I13]

delicadeza fine point [I47]

delicado faint [I4], sensitive [I5], exquisite [I28], delicate [I33]

delincuente criminal [I22]

delinear to describe [II1]

deliñado, mal incapable of writing well [II74]delito crime [I10]

demanda enterprise [I23], request [I24], challenge [I44], quest [I49], question [II23]

demandante plaintiff [II45]

demandar to want [II41]

demás = además besides, lo - the rest [I2], los/las - the others [I1], the remaining [I7], a - quite [II3]

demasía insolence [I3], audacity [I17], odds [II4], en - in excess [I20]

demasiadamente overly [I7]

demasiado excessive [I6]

demonio devil [I33]

demostración demonstration [II20], -ciones behavior [I28]

demostrar to demonstrate [I2]

denantes = antes [I12]

denostar to revile [I19]

dentellear to gnash teeth [I19]

dentro inside [I6], de - inside [I1]

denuedo daring [I3], courage [II14]

denuesto insult [I17]

denunciar to denounce [priv. II]

deparar to provide [prI], to present [I13], to come into sight [I15], -se to present oneself [I8]

departir to speak [I21]

deponer to lay aside [II1]

depositado placed in a cemetery vault [I19]

depositar to deposit [I6]

depositario depository [I13]

depósito storehouse [I9]

depravado depraved [II1]

deprecación prayer [II22]

deputado limited [I22]

derechamente properly [I48], directly [II27]

derechas, a correctly [I18]

derecho straight [I4], right [I17], tax [II51], hecho y - full-fledged [I18]; -s directly [I41]

derivar to trace [origins] [I21]

derramar to shed [I28], to spill [I35]

derredor: al - de around [II61]

derrengado battered [II14]

derretir to melt

derribado torn down [I3], flattened [I16], thrown [I11]

derribar to knock down [I1], to knock off [II19], to demolish [prI], -se to lower oneself [II12]

derrota path [I7], road [I29], course [I41]

derrumbadero precipice [I28]

derrumbar to precipitate [I20]

desabridamente sourly [I33]

desabrido dissatisfied [I33], bad-tasting [II23]

desabrimientos worries [II74]

desabrochar to unfasten [I27]

desaconsejar to advise against [I12]

desacreditar to contradict [II43]

desafiar to challenge [I11]

desafío challenge [I1]

desaforado huge [I5], outrageous [I26]

desagradar to displease [I25]desagradecido ungrateful [I12]

desagradecimiento ingratitude [II4]

desaguarse to drain [II48]

desaguisado injury [I2], outrage [I26]

desairado clumsy [II62]

desalentado discouraged [II59], without appetite [II68]

desaliñando having taken off the packsaddle [II12]

desalmado soulless [I5]

desalumbradamente erroneously [aprob. II]

desalumbrado unenlightened [II62]

desamor indifference [I14]

desamparar to abandon [I3]

desamparo abandonment [II29]

desaparecer to disappear [I37], to make disappear [I51]

desapercebido unprepared [II1]

desarmar to remove armor [I2]

desarraigar to remove [II37]

desasirse to get loose [I16]

desasosegado restlessly [II44]

desasosegar to disturb [I20]

desasosiego anxiety [I24], disturbance [I45]

desastrado tattered [I28], disastrous [I42/43]

desastre disaster [I28]

desatacarse to take off pants [II60]

desatar to untie [I4], to let loose [I22]

desatentado disturbed [II21]

desatinado reckless [I35]

desatinar to go crazy [I25], to bewilder [I42]

desatino folly [I1]

desavenido on bad terms [II16]

desayunarse to break one's fast [I2], to take breakfast [I8]

desbaratado dissipated [II19], ill-advised [II49]

desbaratar to rout [I19]

desbastar to trim away [II42]

desbocado broken-lipped [II25]

desbuchar to disgorge [II2]

descabalado out of your mind [II23]

descabezar to behead [I25]

descaecimiento despondency [II1] low spirits [II11]

descalabrado wounded on the head [I17]

descalabrar to injure one's head [II13]

descalzarse to take off (stockings) [II44]

descalzo barefoot [I16]

descaminado gone astray [I14]

descansado relieved [I15], rested [I20]

descansar to rest [I46]

descanso repose [I2], rest [I37]

descargar to strike [I9], -se to clear oneself [II47], - nublado to vent one's anger [I31]

descargo relief [I48], unburdening [II29]

descarnada fleshless one [II20]

descarnado fleshless [II35]

descarnarse to lose weight [II66]

desceñido without a belt [II43]desceñirse to take off [I18]

descoger to loosen [I28]

descolgar to take down [I29], to let down [II23], -se to let oneself down [I35]

descollarse to stand up [II35]

descolorido pale [I36]

descomedido rude [I1]

descomedimiento rudeness [II11]

descompostura slovenliness [II43]

descompuesto disarranged, disturbed [I28], brazen [II51], carefree [II62]

descomulgado excommunicated [I5]

descomulgar to excommunicate [I19]

descomunal huge [I1], monstrous [I4]

descomunión excommunication [I30]

desconcertado wild [I34]

desconcertar to disconcert [I14]

desconfianza jealousy [I23], mistrust [I14]

desconocido ungrateful [I14], unfeeling [I42]

desconsolado grief stricken [I9]

descontar to deduct [I4]

descontentar to displease [I31]

descontento unhappy; unhappiness [I33]

descorazonado spirtless [II41]

descortés ill-bred [I4]

descortesía rudeness [I41]

descoser unsew [I46], -se to let loose one's tongue [II48]

descosido tattered [II14]

descrédito disrepute [II16]

descreer to disbelieve [I28]

descriarse to damage oneself [II36]

describir to describe [I16], to see [I41]

descubierto found out [I21], hatless [I23], bare [I41], open [II11]; al - openly, lo - del mundo the known world [I21]; al - uncovered [I12]

descubridor discoverer [II25]

descubrir to discover [I4], to uncover [I2], to find [I2], to reveal [I12], to denounce [I40]; - tierra to find out [II28], to tell the truth [I24], to be seen [I41], -se to reveal oneself [I2]

descuidado careless [I4], unaware [I34], off guard [I41]

descuidar to not worry [I29], -se de to forget [I22]

descuido carelessness [I4], en - without cares [II60]

desculparse = disculparse

desde from [I41], - luego right now [I11], - lejos from afar [I3]

desdecir to differ [I1], to be unworthy [II12]

desdén scorn [I12]

desdeñado scorned [I20]

desdeñar to scorn [dedI]

desdeñosa disdainful [I14]

desdicha misfortune [I6]

desdichadísimo very unfortunate [II38]desdichado unfortunate [I9], wretched [I18]

desechar to reject [I23], to put aside [I29]

desembanastar to release an animal [II17]

desembarazadamente freely [II60]

desembarazado unencumbered [I22], open [I30]

desembarazar to unencumber [I3], - el pecho to clear one's throat [II12]

desembarcadero landing place [I20]

desembarcar to land [I30], to disembark [I41]

desembaular to disclose [II38]

desembolsar to disburse [I4]

desemejable incomparable [I20]

desenalbardar to remove the packsaddle [I25]

desenamorado out of love [II59]

desencajado wild (eyes) [II10]

desencajar to disconnect [I28], to open [II21], -se to fall apart [II20]

desencantar to disenchant [I21]

desencanto disenchantment [II35]

desencintar to take off a belt [II60]

desenclavijar to loosen the grip [I45]

desenfadadamente without embarrassment [I12]

desenfadado carefree [I25], self-confident [II43]

desenfado ease [I22]

desengañado those who have learned from experience [I12]

desengañar to disabuse [prI], to learn the truth [I22]

desengaño reproof [I12], truth [I36] discouragement [I14], sanity [II29], -s sad teachings from experience [I6]

desenjaular let out of cage [I49]

desenlazar to unlace [II56]

desenredar to get free [II30]

desensillado unsaddled [II58]

desenterrar to dig up [II37]

desentonado humble [I23]

desenvainado unsheathed [I34]

desenvainar to release [II17], to unsheath [II21], to take out [II66]

desenvoltura ease [I3], boldness [I11], shameless act [I33], brazenness [I51]

desenvolver to unwrap [II48]

desenvueltamente in a free and easy way [I34]

desenvuelto free and easy [II48]

deseo desire [I2]

deseoso desirous [I9]

deservicio disservice [I27]

desesperado hopeless [I13], desperate [I25], despairing [I35]

desesperarse to despair [I2]

desfacedor arch. undoer [I4]

desfacer = deshacer [I19]

desfalcar to take [II71]

desfallecer to fail [I3]

desfavorecer to not do anything for [I50]

desfavorecido injured [I12]desfigurado disfigured [I26]

desfigurar to deface [II26], to disfigure [II48]

desflorar to lose shine [II58]

desgajar to tear off a branch [I8]

desgarrado torn [II34]

desgarrarse to escape [II6]

desgobernado without a government [II4], ungoverned [II36]

desgracia misfortune [I3], enmity [I27]

desgraciado unlucky [I15], surly [II10]

desgreñado with uncombed hair [II50]

deshacedor undoer [I4]

deshacer to undo [I3], to right [I2], to redress [I1], to destroy [prI], to melt [I35]; -se de to get rid of [I39], to disappear [II4]

deshechar to scorn [II42]

deshecho destroyed [I4], in pieces [I23]

desheredado disinherited [I37]

deshogar to give vent to [I42/43]

deshonestidad lewdness [I34], indecency [I34]

deshonesto lustful [I34], immodest [I51]

deshonra disgrace [I15], dishonor [I48]

deshonrado disgraced [I28]

deshonrar to insult [I31]

deshora(s), a unexpectedly [prI], inopportunely [I20]

desierto wilderness [I3]; deserted [I41]

designio intention [I11]

designo = designio = plan [II7]

desigual dissimilar [I2], unequal [I8], arduous [II14]

desigualdad difference [I28]

desinteresado impartial [I33]

desistir to give up [I20]

desjarretar to weaken [II7]

desleal disloyal [I5]

desleído liquid [I31]

deslenguado insolent [II60]

desliar to untie [II22]

desligar to untie [I20]

deslindar to clear up [I21], to survey [I22],

deslizar to slide [II12], -se to slip [II18]

deslocado dislocated [II64]

deslumbrar to dazzle [II65]

desmán misfortune [I23]

desmandado random [I38]

desmandarse to behave badly [II16]

desmantelar to tear down [I40]

desmayado faint [I18], dull [II43]

desmayar to diminish [I33]; -se to faint [I21], to droop [I48], to become weak [II65]

desmayo dismay [I9], swooning [I24], fainting spell [I27]

desmazalado careless [II43]

desmedrado impaired [I27]

desmentir to contradict [I11], to deny [I22]

desmenuzado to cut to bits [II26]

desmesurado inordinate [II1]desmochado cut off [I11]

desmoronar to dig out [II55]

desnarigado un-nosed [II14]

desnatar to skim off [II62]

desnudar to undress [I8], to strip [II29]

desnudez nakedness [I23]

desnudo naked [I4], plain [prI], lacking [dedI]

desobligar to release [I51]

desocupado idle [prI], unoccupied [I42]

desolado devastated [II26]

desollar to flay [I4], to skin [II2]

desoluto rustic corruption of absoluto [I12]

desordenado disordered [I50]

desorejar to cut the ear off [I40]

despabilar to eat up [II20], to solve [II51], - los ojos to open one's eyes [II10], -se to wake up [II33]

despachado dismissed [I27]

despachar to heed business [II49], to dispatch [II51]

despacho speed [I44], dispatch [II47]

despacio slowly [I2]

despaldado dislocated [I8]

desparcir to spread [I28]

despartir to stop [I35]

despavorido aghast [I34], terrified [I50]

despeado footsore [II73]

despechado despairing [I33]

despecharse to get angry [I46]

despecho dismay [I16], disrespect [I30], resentment [I40], a - de in spite of [I10]

despedida farewell [II4]

despedimiento farewell [II30]

despedir to dismiss [I2], to emit [I11], to throw [II11], to take leave [II26], -se de to say goodby [I7]

despedir to emit [II34], to fire [II48], -se to say goodby [II60]

despegador un-sticker [II13]

despejar to clear away [I33]

despensa pantry [I19], provisions [I23], -s provisions [II59]

despensero provider [II33], steward [II59]

despeñadero dangerous undertaking [I13]

despeñarse to dash [I20], to fall down precipitously [I20], to fling down [I27]

desperezarse to stretch oneself [II22]

despertador awakener [I20]

despertar to awaken [I8]

despiadado cruel [I4]

despierto awake [I7]

desplegar to spread [I20], to open [II10]

despoblado unpopulated area [I8]

despojar to rid [I14], to despoil [I21]

despojo spoils [I6]

despolvorear to clean [II17], -se to dust each other off [II14]

desposado groom [I27], -s bride and groom [II21]desposarse to get married [II21]

desposorio marriage [I27], -s marriage vows [II21]

despotricar to rant [I25]

despreciar to scorn [prI], to ignore [II48]

desprecio contempt [I34]

después: - de after [I1], - acá since then [I27]

despuntar to dull [II58]

despuntar to manifest [I25]

destajar to cut [cards] [II7]

destemplado unharmonious [II36]

destemplanza abuse [II62]

desterrar to banish [I50], -se to banish oneself [I29]

destetar to be weaned [I48]

destierro exile [I6]

destilar to distill [II14]

destino fate [I14]

destraer = distraer to delude [II2]

destraído = distraído absent-minded [prI], licentious [I2]

destreza skill [I10]

destripaterrones clodhopper [II5]

destroncar to cut off [I9]

destrozar to smash [I52]

destrozo destruction [II26]

destruición destruction [I30]

destruir to ruin [I27], to destroy [I41]

desuellacaras shameless fellow [I34]

desuncir to unyoke [I49]

desusado unusual [I36]

desválido destitute [I42/43]

desválido needy [I52]

desvalijar to rob [I19]

desvanecerse to faint [II41]

desvanecido smug [I48], vain [II44]

desvanecimiento fainting [II44]

desvariado extravagant [I13], nonsensical [II7]

desvariar to talk nonsense [II12]

desvarío delirium [I14]

desvelado awake [II48]

desvelar to keep awake [II60], -se to stay awake [I1]

desventura misfortune [I5]

desventurado unfortunate [I5]

desvergonzado shameless [II45]

desvergüenza impudence [I28]

desviado turned aside [I8], to one side [I42]; - de from [I41], away from [II43]; at variance with [II8]

desviar to get out of the way [I8], to move to one side [I42/43], -se to turn away from [I20], go away [II68]

desvío indifference [I11]

detener to check [I2], to detain [I22], to stop [I33]; - el paso to slow down [II19]; -se to stop [I14], to stay away [I21], to delay [I41], to pause [II27]

determinación resolution [I2], resolve [I17], decision [II21]

determinado determined [I27], fixed [II19], lo - resolve [I47]

determinar to conclude [prI], to determine [I6], to resolve [I24], -se to decide [dedI]

detestable loathsome [I11]

deuda debt [I2], indebtedness [I27]deudor debtor [II45]

devaneo mad pursuit [I7]

devengar to have an income [I21]

devoción devotion [I8], casa de - shrine [I8]

devoto devout [I3], holy [I52]

dezmar to reduce drastically [I33]

día daylight [II69], otro - the next day [I5], en -s old [I48]

diablo devil [I5], -s "the devil" [I35]

diabólico diabolic [I38]

diamante diamond [I18]

diamantino rigidly firm [I52]

dibujos, meterse en not to beat around the bush [II5]

dicha happiness [I23], good luck [II42], a/por - by chance [I2]

dicho named [prI], saying [prI]; aforementioned [reI], fortunate [I2], mentioned [I5]

dichoso fortunate [I4], happy [I40]

diciplina scourge [I52]; whipping [II35]

diciplinante = disciplinante flagellant [I52], penitent [II35]

diciplinarse to whip oneself [II68]

dictar to dictate [I29]

diente tooth [I13], hablar entre -s to mutter [I3], dar - con diente to chatter one's teeth [I19], a - fasting [I21], entre mis -s under my breath [I22]

diestra arch. right [I4]

diestramente skillfully [II21]

diestro skillful [II10], swordsman [I19]

dieta diet [II51]

dificultad obstacle [prI], difficulty [II50]

dificultar to make difficult [II3]

dificultoso difficult [I9]

difinición resolution [I45]

difinitivo absolute [I45]

difunto dead person [I12]; dead [I34]

digestión digestion [II47]

dignarse to condescend [II7]

dignidad office [I26]

dignísimo very worthy [II50]

digno worthy [erratas I]

digresión digression [II18]

dije trinket [I11]

dilación delay [II31]

dilatado long [pról. II], vast [II20], prolonged [II39]

dilatar to put off [I12], to delay [I36], to extend [II49], to delay [II63], -se to spread [I13]

dilicado = delicado delicate [II38]

diligencia diligence [I37], requirement [reI], device [I12], speed [I13], industry [I27], step [I41]; -(s) precaution(s) [I20], clever things [I28], preparations [II38]

diligente speedy [I47], busy [II20], assiduous [I32]

dime "dispute" [II26]

diminuir to diminish [I41]

Dinamarca Denmark [I10]

dinerillo bit of money [II52]

dinero money [I3], coin [II20]

Dios God [prI]

diosa goddess [I16]diputar to deem [I1], to designate [I6]

dirétes "dispute" [II26]

dirigir dedicate [II24]

discantar to differ [II59]

discernir to discern [II34]

discorde dissonant [I27]

discordia discord [I45]

discreción cleverness [prI], sagacity [prI], discretion [I3], acuteness of mind [I14], -es shrewd remarks [I24]

discretísimo very discreet [II38]

discreto ingenious, circumspect [I13], witty [I4], prudent [I11], shrewd [I20]; sharp person [prI]

disculpa excuse [I27]

disculpar to exculpate [I27], to apologize [I3], -se to apologize [I8]

discurriendo rambling [I18]

discurrimiento discussion [II59]

discurrir to discourse [I30], to roam [I33], to mull over [II27]

discurso thought [prI], speech [I1], course [I8], reasoning [I13], conjecture [I40], movement [I45], intention [I49], meditation [II63], haciendo - reasoning [II21]

disfigurado = desfigurado disfigured [I23]

disformimísimo very deformed

disfraz disguise [I27]

disfrazado disguised [I28]

disfrazar to disguise [I29]

disgustar to bore [II27]

disgusto vexation [I9]

disignio = designio thought [I21], intention [I37]

disimulación pretending [II17]

disimuladamente furtively [I41]

disimular to overlook [prI], to hide [I9], to dissemble [I20]

disminuir to lessen [II2]

disoluble undissolvable [I27]

disonar to not be in accord with [aprob. II]

disparar to discharge [prI], to fire a gun [I22], to hurl [II1], to shoot [I10], to blunder [II43]

disparatado absurd [I6], silly [I6]; foolish person [I51]

disparate nonsense [prI], extravagance [I22], blunder [I24]

dispensación dispensation [I29]

disponer to command [I1], to regulate [reI], to prepare [I33], to order [I45], to dispose of [I51], to take care of [II42], - de to have the use of [II69], -se to prepare oneself [I33], -se a to get ready [I7]

disposición trappings [II14], elegance [II41], will [II74]

dispuesto disposed [II13], mal - indisposed [I21]

dispusición = disposición disposition [I28]

disputa dispute [II23]

disputar to question [II43], to dispute [II50]

distar to be distant [I38]

dístico couplet [prI]

distilado = destilado filtered [I50]

distintamente distinctly [I36]distinto instinct [I21]

distributivo distributive [I37]

distrito district [II32]

disuadir to dissuade [I47]

ditado title [I37]

diversidad diversity [I33]

diverso different [I3]

divertido different [II34]

divertimiento diversion [approb. II]

divertir to amuse [I18], to divert [I24], to take one's mind off [I48], -se to wander [II38]

dividido separated [I22], divided [II14]

dividir to divide [I4], to separate [I27], -se to divide [I14]

divina escritura holy scripture [prI]

divinamente divinely [I1]

divinidad divinity [I1]

divino divine [prI], sacred [I48]

divisar to perceive [I4]

Divulgarse to make well-known [II48]

do, dó = donde where [I14]

dobla doubloon = 212 maravedís [I41]

doblado bent double [I20]

doblar to go around [I20], to fold [I27], to double [I34], to bend [I40]; -se to yield [I34], to submit [I33]

doblegar to acquiesce [II35]

doblón gold coin worth as much as 8 escudos [II13]

docena dozen [II1]

docientos two hundred [II7]

docto learned [I1]

doctrina instruction [II38], niño de la - orphan [II35]

doctrinar to instruct [II42]

documento instruction [II42]

dogmatizador founder [I6]

dolencia pain [I27]

doler to feel for [I5], to hurt [I8], -se de to take pity on self [I49]

doliente sorrowful [I14]

dolo fraud [II3]

dolor pain [I8]

dolorido doleful [I14]

doloroso sorrowful [I26]

domeñar to tame [I12], to condescend [I21]

domingo Sunday [I52]

dominio control [I39]

don boon [I3], gift [II58]; ponerse - to be called don [I3]

donación gift [I17]

donaire grace [I2], witticism [prI]

donairoso witty [II30]

doncella maiden [I2], damsel [I27], when unmarried [II21]

doncellez virginity [II41]

donde when [I41], - no if not [I27]

dondequiera anywhere [I3], wherever [I36]

donoso witty [I6]

doquiera: a - wherever [I16], por - everywhere [I25]

dorado golden [I2]

dormido slept [I7], asleep [I7], sleepy [II35]

dormir sleep [I1], sleeping [I2], to calm [I20]dormitar to doze [II12]

dornajo small trough [I11]

dos, entrambos a both [I33]

dosel curtain [II33]

dotado endowed [I49]

dotar to endow [II25]

dote dowry [I31], quality [II58]

doto = docto learned [I48

dromedario dromedary [I8]

ducado ducat [I22]

ducal of a duke [I21]

duda doubt [I14], sin - doubtless [I1]

dudar to doubt [I2]

dudoso hazardous [I9], hesitating [I18], uncertain [I45], truthfulness [I47]

duecho = ducho accustomed [I7]

duelo duel [I15], sorrow [I18]

duende elf [II37]

dueña lady (in waiting) [I13]

dueñesco dueña-ish [II37], pertaining to a dueña [II38]

dueño owner [I4], master [II13]

dulce sweet [I1], delightful [aprob. II]

dulcísimo very sweet [I11]

dulzaina ancient double-reeded wind instrument [II26]

dulzura pleasure [I28]

duque duke [dedI]

duquesa duchess 3esca[II30]

dura vintage [II13]

durable lasting [I18]

duradero lasting [I25]

durar to last [I18]

dureza stiffness [I6], hardness [I16]

durísimo very hard [II58]

durmiendo asleep [I35]

duro hard [I2]

duro hard [I11], a duras penas with great difficulty [I21]