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Don Quixote Dictinary. Compiled by Tom Lafthrop.

Don Quixote Dictionary

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pacer to graze [I15], to eat [II10]

paciencia patience [I6], llevar en - to tolerate [I25]

paciente patient [I50]

pacíficamente peacefully [I31]

pacífico mild [I2], tranquil [I7], peaceful [II20]

pacto pact [II15]

padecer to suffer [I2]

padrastro stepfather [prI], bad father [I39]

padrino best man [I27], second (in duel) [II14]

padrón column with inscription [II39]

paga pay [I9], payment [I4]

pagado satisfied [I4], paid for [II17]

pagador payer [II14]

pagano pagan [I18]

pagar to pay [I4], to make amends [I7], to repay [I17]

pago payment [I3], recompense [I13]paja straw [I3], en dacá las -s in the twinkling of an eye [II18]

pajar hayloft [I16]

pajarica little bird [II59]

pajarillo little bird [I2]

pájaro bird [II12]

paje page [I26], estudiantado - page serving a student [I2]

pajecillo litle page [I22]

pala shovel [II20], bat [II70]

palabra word [I16]; de - orally [I31], by messenger [I34]

palaciego of the court [II21]

palacio palace [I21]

paladar palate [II13]

paladino = paladín champion [I52]

paladión Palladium, erroneous name for the Trojan horse [II41]

palafrén woman's horse [I29], tame horse [I9]

palafrenero stable boy [II31]

palamenta banks of oars [II63]

paletas, en dos in an instant [II51]

palillo bobbin [II6], - de dientes toothpick [II6]

paliza beating [I15]

palma palm [I14], palm of the hand [I18]

palmada slap [prI]

palmadica little slap [I25]

palmadita little slap [pról. II]

palmilla fancy cloth [II20]

palmito, como un with lots of clothing [II5]

palmo span, 8 inches I16]

palo blow [I4]; wood [I15], stick [I16], rod [II43]

paloma dove [I46]

palomar pigeon house [II7]

palomino young pigeon [I1]

palpable palpable [I33]

palpar to feel [I47]

pan bread [I2], loaf of bread [I52], pan - bread with added olive oil and sesame seed [I17]

pandero tambourine [II19]

panecillo bread roll [II67]

panegírico poet [II70]

paniaguado protégé [I52], servant [I13]

pantalia soot [II44]

pantuflo slipper [I1]

panza belly [I23]

pañales shirttails [I25]

pañizuelo handkerchief [I23]

paño cloth [I28], - de tocar kerchief [I28], de woven [I27], - de cabeza night cap [I17]

papa pope [II13]

papahigo traveling hood [II50]

papar to eat colloq. [I18], - viento to waste timne [II31]

papel paper [I8], role [II11]

papelón cardboard [I2]

papesa = papisa female pope [II50]

papilla deception [I32]

papirotazo whack [II70]

par pair [I4], peer [I5], de par en - wide open [I14], al - de equally [I8]

parabién felicitation [I33]

parada bet (in cards) [II35]

paradero stopping place [I13], end [II6]parado standing there [I23], tal han - in such a state [I5], mal - badly battered [I15]

paraíso paradise [I42]

paraje place [I41]

paramento caparison [II34], figura de - knick-knack [II5]

páramo desert [I14]

paranza hunting blind [II34]

parapoco numbskull [II62]

parar to end [I4], to end up [I42], to stop [I18], to leave [I31], -se to stop [I4], to wind up [I9]

parasismo = paroxismo convulsion [I17]

parcas fates [II38]

parche patch [II25]

parcialidad group [II21]

pardiez by God [I36]

pardo dark grey [I21]

parecer to show [I3], to appear [I2], to seem [prI]; judgment [I21], advice, a mi - in my opinion [prI]; buen - good looks [I1], mal - bad looks [I17], al - seemingly [I13]

parecido similar [II6], shown up [II25]

pared wall [I5], - y media next door [II16]

pareja mate [II19], correr -s to match [prelim.I]

parentela ancestry [I21], kinfolk [I22]

pares even numbers [II53]

parido given birth [I9]

pariente relative [prI]

parir to give birth

párpado eyelid [II53]

parsimonia moderation [II62]

parte cause [I4], share [I13], place [I21], quality [I49], trait [II13], source [II33], accuser [II56]; -s places [II51], circumstances [II66]; de mi - on my part [I40], por esta - on this account [I4], dar - t o inform [I2], esta - around here [prI], a una - somewhere [I18], aside [II18], por - where [I34], por - de on the side of [II13[], endowments [I24], qualities [I27], buenas - good looks [I33], todas - ever ywhere [I2], - segunda understudy [I32], ninguna - nowhere [I36], de parte a - asunder [II56]

partesana large halberdf [II27]

participar to participate [II3]

particular personal [I14], private [I37], indivual [I40], particular [II19], en - extraordinarily [II65]

particularidad, cosas de details [I30]

particularmente particularly [I44]

partida departure [I21], item [II42], match [II71]

partido split [I1], divided [I18], advantage [I11]; a brazo - onm equal terms [II60], mujeres del - traveling prostitutes [I2]

partir to split [I1], to share [I3], -se to leave [I7]

parto birth [prI]

parva unthreshed corn [II68]pasa raisin [I9]

pasada, de in passing [II72]

pasado transgressed [I15], happened [I4], past [II8], forebear [II57]

pasagonzalo slap to the nose [II14]

pasaje crossing [II51]

pasajero well-traveled [I8], transient [I8], traveler [I32]

pasamanos trim [II46]

pasar to be past [I1], to happen [I2], to pierce [I12], to spend time [I15], to suffer [I15], to take [I20], to stab [I34], to live [I2], to speak [II7], to do [II7], to escape [II10]; - adelante to proceed [I27]; -se to go over [I 20], - de to surpass [I17], de - a parte run through [I4], - en blanco to miss [I16], - de la memoria to forget [I19], - mal to have a bad time of it [I22], - adelante to continue [I15], - de largo t o pass by [II16], - la tela to enter the contests [II17]

pasatiempo amusement [I6]

Pascua Easter [I31]

pasear to walk [I3], to slide [II29], -se to stroll [II19]

paseo walk [I3]

pasión passion [I4]

pasitamente quietly [II41]

pasito quietly [I29]; careful [II30

pasmado stunned [II14]

pasmar to stun [II10], -se to be stunned [I19], to be stupified [I20]

pasmo astonishment [II55]

paso encounter [I4], challenge [I4], step [I4], situation [I4], passage [I5], pace [I18], incident [I27], slowly [II62], strait [II63]; in a low voice [II49];, dar un - to take a step [I8], buen - easy life [I13], de - brief ly [I27]; a cada - all the time [I31], at every turn [I40]; a - llano smoothly [I34], a - tirado at a brisk pace [I10], pasito a - one step at a time [II26]

pasta, de buena fool [II52]

pasto pasture [I18]

pastor shepherd [prI]

pastoral relating to shepherds [I51]

pata foot (of animal) [I20], -s arriba head over heels [I20], dead [II43]

patada stamp with foot [I46]

patán hayseed [II47]

patear to trample [I45]

patente patent [I48]; obvious [II4]; hacer - to reveal [II36]

patentemente clearly [II35]

paternidad paternity [I47]

paternostre the Our Father prayer [I17]

patio patio [I3]

patochada stupid thing [II7]

patraña fabulous story [I25]

patria place of birth [I1], country [I1]

patriarca patriarch [I7]

patrón master [I39]

pavés body-length shield [II53]

pavor fear [II21]paz peace [I8]; dar - to kiss [I42/43], hacer las paces to make peace [I46], por bien de - for a little peace [I20]

pazpuerca foul woman [II5]

peana litter [I52], pedestal [II5]

pecado sin [I1]; sinned [I33]

pecador,-a sinner [I5]

pecar to sin [I42/43]

pechero commoner [I15]

pecho chest [I4], heart [I3], bosom [I11], tribute [I45], buen - goodness of heart [II8], mal - ill-will [II57], desembarazar el - to clear one's throat [II12]

pectición petition [II72]

pedagogo tutor [I15]

pedazo piece [I1], hecho -s broken to bits [I5]

pedernal flint [II44]

pedernalino hard [II35]

pedestre on foot [II66]

pedimiento petition [tasa II]

pedir to demand [I4], to ask for [tasa II], - prestado to borrow [I7], a - de boca perfectly [II62]

pedrada blow with stone [prI]

pedrezuela little stone [I50]

pedrisco shower of stones [I22]

pegadizo contagious [I6], attachable [II44]

pegado attached to [I17], laid on [II35]

pegajoso viscous [II13], sticky [II40]

pegar to stick on [I29], to stick [II12], - fuego to set fire [I6], - el ojo to close one's eyes [II23]

pegote sticky patch [II40]

pegujar parcel of land [II2]

peinarse to comb [I31]

peine comb [I20]

peje fish [II18]

peladilla pebble [I18]

pelado plucked [I7], hairless [I35], smooth [I14]

pelaje dressed [I52]

pelar to shear [I22], to tear out [II1]

pelaza scuffle [I16]

pelea fight [I16]

peleante combattant [II14]

pelear fighting [I2]; to fight [I7]

peligro danger [I1], peril [I42/43]

peligrosísimo very dangerous [I19]

peligroso dangerous [I8]

pella cake [II32]

pellejo skin [II20]

pellico shepherd's jacket [I12]

pellizcar to pinch [II48]

pellizco pinch [II69]

pelo hair [I8], pile [II21], venir a - to suit perfectly [prI]

pelón worthless person [II24]

pelota ball [I32], en - entirely naked [I15], without a coat [II54]

peludo hairy [II23]

pena punishment [I6], sorrow [I14], grief [I20], penance [I25], torment [II55], so - under penalty [reI], no tener - not topena, cont'd. worry [I10], a duras -s with great difficulty [I21], en - in torment [II 48]

penado laborious [I17]

penar to agonize [I8]

pendencia quarrel [I1], fight [I21]

pender to hang [II38]

pendiente hanging [I8], in suspense [II26]

péndola pen [I22]

penitencia penance [I10], hacer - to take pot-luck [II3]

penitenciado condemned person [II69]

penosamente in pain [II28]

pensado deliberate [I50], no - unexpected [I47]

pensamiento thought [prI], resolution [I13], ni por - absolutely not [I23]

pensar to devise [I33], to plan [prI], to imagine [I2], to feed [II20]

pensativo worried [I5], pensive [I18]

penuria poverty [prI]

peña large rock [I2], boulder [I11]

peñasco large rock [I12]

péñola quill pen [II74]

peñón rocky cliff [I25]

peón hod carrier [I20]

pepita pip (a chicken's throat disease) [II5]

pequeñez smallness [II45]

pera pear [I22]

peraile = pelaire wool carder [I17]

percebir to comprehend [II55]

percibir to comprehend [I28]

perder: - el juicio to go crazy [I1], - los estribos to talk nonsense [I49], echar a - to ruin [II26]

perdía = perdería [I33]

perdición ruin [I22], death [II29]

pérdida loss [I33]; lost soul [II48]

perdido lost [I33]

perdidoso having-lost [II25]

perdigón partridge [II16]

perdiz partridge [II43]

perdón pardon [I2]

perdonar to pardon [prI], to forgive [I17]

perecer to die [I19], to perish [I20]

peregrinación wandering [II12], pilgrimage [II25]

peregrinar to roam [II2]

peregrino rare [I1]

pereza laziness [prI], sloth [II8]

perezosamente lazily [I33]

perezoso lazy [prI]

perfeción perfection [II4]

perfeta = perfecta [I33]

perfetísimo most perfect [II16]

perficionar to perfect Latinized form [II16]

perfumado perfumed [I50]

pergamino parchment [I45]

pergenio intention [I21]

pericto = perito experienced [I47], expert [II16]

período sentence [prI]

perito qualified [II16]

perjudicar to harm [II16]

perjudicial harmful [I14], prejudicial [II12]perjuicio detriment [I4]

perla pearl [I1], de -s perfectly [I31]

permitiese to permit [I49]

pero however [I52]

perpetuo perpetual [I6]

perplejo perplexing [II11], perplexed [II64]

perrico,-a dog [II25]

perrilla dog [II25]

perrita dog [II68]

perro dog [I23]

perroquia = parroquia parish [I27]

perseguimiento persecution [II48]

perseguir to pursue [I16], to attack [pról. II]

perseverar to persevere [I10]

persona, en in person [II11]

personaje personage [prI], character [I34]

personilla little person [II43]

persuadiendo inducing [I22]

persuadir to persuade [I7]

persuasión persuasion [II12]

pertenecer to pertain [I10]

perteneciente pertinent [II1], appropriate [II59]

pertinacia stubbornness [II46]

pertinaz obstinate [14]

pertrechar to repair [I7]

pertrechos weaponry [I2]

perturbar to disturb [I25]

perverso perverse [II16]

pesadilla nightmare [I16]

pesado heavy [I8], offensive [I23], - sueño deep sleep [I42]

pesadumbre unpleasantness [I7], gravity [I8], grief [I9], weight [I50], dar - to bother [I6]

pésame condolence [I14]

pesar grief [II26]; to displease [I17], to grieve [I34], mal que le pese however much it may displease you [I22]; grief [I12], a - de in spite of [I6]

pesaroso sorrowful [I8]

pescado fish [I2]

pescador fisherman [II29]

pescar to fish [II13], to search [I29]

pescozada slap on the neck [I3]

pescuezo neck [II12]

pesebre manger [II24]

pésete curse [I15]

pesia a mí for God's sake [I17]

pésimo very bad [II33]

peso weight [I2], en - bodily [II69]

pespetiva = perspective appearance [II14]

pesquería fishery [I39]

pestaña eyelash [I23]

pestífero noxious [II32]

pestilencia plague [I11]

pestilente foul [I19]

peto breastplate

petral horse's front strap [II20]

pez f pitch [I50]

piadoso merciful [I12], pious [I25]

piara herd [II68]

pica pike [II27]

picada pecked [I23]

picado irate [I4], rough [I41]picante, no nada not amusing [II62]

picar to spur [I4], to nibble [II22]. to sting [II67], -se to pride oneself [II19]

pícaro mischievous [II62], - de cocina kitchen boy [II32]

pichón pigeon [II3]

pico sharp point [I16], pick-axe [I13], tip [I21], poner en - to tell [II50]

picota gallows [II49]

picote coarse material made of goat hair [II69]

píctima medicinal plaster [II58]

pidir = pedir to ask for [II45]

pie foot [I3], a - on foot [I7], en - standing up [II25], whole [II70], a - quedo without taking a step [II6], al - de about [I23], - de altar altar fees [I26], - -de-amigo iron collar [I22], levantar se en - to stand up [II18], al - de la letra to the letter [I1]

piedra stone [I3], jewel [I33], - del molino millstone [I8]

piel skin [I11], fur [I33]

piélago high sea [I34]

pienso feed [II5], ni por - absolutely not [I4]

pierna leg [I19], a - tendida stretched out [II9]

pieza coin [I2], head (of cattle, etc.) [I2], distance [I4], time [I7], fragment [I21], piece [I41]

pífaro fife [II34]

pila stone trough [I3]

piloto navigator [I34]

pincel brush [II32]

pinganitos, en prosperous [I47]

pino pine wood [I15], - de oro very charming [II50]

pintado colored [I2], best [I3], painted [II6], como el más - like the best of them [II19]

pintar to describe [I23], to paint [prI], -se to be described [I2], to be painted [I2]

pintiparado perfectly like [I21], perfectly [I44]

pintor painter [prI]

pintura painting [II46]

pío pious [II74]

piojo louse [II29]

piojoso lousy [I13]

pipote little barrel [I26]

pique: a - in danger [I22], on the point of [I29], liable [II27] cuan - with what ease [I11]

pirámide pyramid [I21]

Pirineo Pyrenees mountains [I18]

piruétano wild pear [II13]

pisacorto slow-footed [I23]

pisada step [I46]

pisado stepped on [I23]

pisar to trample [I14], to walk on [I28], to step onto [II1], to tread [II35]

pistolete pistol [II60]

pistos a, dar to nourish [II44]

pito whistle [II63]

pizmiento black [I38]

place, que me with pleasure [I6]

placer pleasure [I4], ease [I41]

placera market woman [II51]plana page [reI]

plancha plaque [I52]

plano, de openly [II38]

planta foot [I42/43]

plantado set up [II58]

plañir to lament [I24]

plasmador framer [I46]

plata silver [I2], de - silvery [II35]

platica = practica happens [I33]

plática conversation [I5], discourse [I18]; practice [II49]

platicar to perform [II29]

plato plate [I52], dish [II47]

platonazo great big plate [II47]

platónico Platonic [I25]

plaza marketplace [I1], fortification [I39]; salir a la to come out [I33]

plazo term [I14], scheduled time [II55]

plebeyo plebeian [I50]

plega a Dios = plazca a Dios may it please God [I17]

plegar to deign [I2], = pegar to close [I12]

plegaria supplication [I20]

pleito lawsuit [I46]

pliego folded sheet (book section) [tasa I], sheet [II19], bundle [II66]

plomo lead [I52], ir con pie de - to be circumspect [II32], a - straight down [I46]

pluguiera may it please [I16]

pluguiese may it please [II50]

pluma pen [prI], feather [I2]; colchón de - feather bed [II4]

plumaje feathered hat [I51], "feathers" [II61]

poblado town [I10]; full [II36]

pobre poor [I4]

pobrete unfortunate person [I22]

pobreza poverty [I37]

poco: por - almost [I2], poco a - gradually [I21], cuán de - how unprepossessing [I29], tener en - hold in little esteem [I22]

podadera pruning knife [I1]

podar to prune [II53]

poder power [prI], authority [reI], en - de in the care of [I12]

poderío power [I8]

poderosísimo very powerful [II38]

poderoso mighty [I14], able [I27], powerful [I34]

podrida, olla stew [II47]

podrido rotted [I21], rotten [II51]

podrir to rot [II47]

poema poem [II16]

poesía poetry [I6]

poeta poet [prI]

polaco Polish [II62]

polaina legging [I28]

policía manners [II44]

polido = pulido nice looking [I11], polished [II19]

polilla destroyer [I39]

político civilizado [II16]

polla young hen [II59]

pollina donkey filly [II10]

pollinesco referring to donkeys [I25]

pollino young donkey [II10]

pollo chicken [II59]

polo pole [II29]poltrón lazy [prI]

polvareda cloud of dust [I18]

polvo dust [I5]

pólvora gun powder [I38]

polvorosa road [I21]

polvoroso dusty [I2]

pompa splendor [I12]

pomposidad pomposity [II52]

pomposo magnificent [I11], pompous [II52]

ponderar to consider [II2], to praise [II3]

poner to put down on paper [II3], to set table [II18], to establish [II47], - fin to end [I13], -se a to set about to [I27], to begin to [I12]; -se en pie to stand up [I28], - en bando to encourage [I28], - a brazos to fight [I34], - en orden to take care of [II50]

poniente, del on the east side [II63]

pontífico pontifical [II42]

ponzoña poison [I14]

popa poop [I39], en - from behind [II41]

por: - parte de by, - cuanto whereas, inasmuch as [reI], - poco almost [I2], de su - on his behalf [II10], de la - de from [II20]

porfía obstinacy [I14], insistence [I34]

porfiado fierce [I39]

porfiar to insist [I3], to importune [I14], to argue stubbornly [I44]

poro pore [II39]

porque so that [I2]

porqué reason [I35], un buen - a good amount [I13]

porquero swineherd [I2]

porrazo blow [I17]

porro blockhead [II5]

portador bearer [II50]

portal gate [I2]

portamanteo suitcase [II50]

portante quick pace, ambler [II40]

portar to behave [II56]

portazgo toll [I45]

porte postage [II51]

portería gatehouse [I36]

portero doorman [I14]

portillo gate [II53]

porvenir future [II25]

posada stay [I3], dwelling [I6], lodging [I17], inn [I42/43], place to stay [II25]

posaderas buttocks [I20]

posar to lodge [I11]

posas buttocks [II35]

poseedor possessor [II6]

poseer to keep [I23], to possess [I34]

posesión land [I21], possession [II7]

posesor possessor [I33]

posibilidad means [I40]

posibilitado allowed [I52]

posible, a mi as much as I could [II43]

poso rest [II19]

posta: por la - right away [I15], a - on purpose [I29], intentionally [II6], corneta de la - post horn [II47]postema abscess [aprob. II]

postillón courier [II34]

postizo artificial [I11], wig [II21]

postrar to demolish [II38]

postre dessert [II47]

postrero last [II22]

postura position [I9]

potencia possibility [I15]

potestad power [II1]

poyo bench [I51]

pozo well [I3]

pradecillo little meadow [I20]

prado field [I6], meadow [I20]

pragmática decree [II51]

prazga may it please (rustic form of placer) [I10]

preámbulo preamble [I33]

precedencia priority [II64]

preceder to precede [I27]

precepto precept [I48]

preceto = precepto precept [I8]

preciado esteemed [II8]

preciar to value [I6], -se de to take pride in [I13]

precio value [I21], price [I41]

preciosísimo very precious [I5]

precioso precious [I46]

precipitarse to rush [I20]

precipitosamente hurriedly [I34]

preciso clear [I49]

predicador preacher [I18]

predicamento prestige [I42]

predicar to preach [prI]

preeminencia preeminence [I38], privilege [I45]

prefación preface [prI]

pregón proclamation [I28]

pregonar to proclaim [I14]

pregunta question [I24]

preguntante question asker [I42/43]

preguntar to ask [I7]

premática mod. pragmática decree [reI]

premiar to reward [prI]

premio prize [I24], reward [I42/43]

prenda jewel [I6], article [I23], treasure [I33], security [I27], pledge [I40]; -s reward [I34], buenas -s worth [II16]

prender to arrest [I5], to take [I33]

preñado pregnant, full [I40]

preñez pregnancy [II43]

preparado prepared [II20]

prerrogativa privilege [I37]

presa dam [I20], prize [I41], grip [I45], weight [pról II], booty [II60]

presea precious object [II60]

presencia presence [I27], appearance [II47]

presentado as a present [I1], advanced divinity student [I25]

presentar to present [II47], -se to appear [I1]

presente gift [I25], -s those who were present [I42]

preso prisoner [I15], arrested [II11]

prestado lending [II45]

prestar to lend [prI]

presteza haste [I7], nimbleness [I16]presto soon [I3], quickly [I14], quick [I34], de - promptly [I22]

presumir to pride oneself [I16], to suppose [I41]

presunción vanity [I13], presumption [I51]

presuntuoso presumptuous [II74]

presuponer to presuppose [II26]

presupuesto goal [I7], being so [I28], since [I29], purpose [II55]

presuroso hasty [II21], anxious [II62]

pretender to press suit [I11], to try [I33], to look for [I44], to want [aprob. II]

pretendiente suitor [I51]

pretensión character [I20], aim


pretérito past [I25]

pretina belt [I4], dar con una - to whip with a belt [I4]

prevaricador corruptor [II19]

prevención prevention [I28], preparatory statement [I33], precaution [II1]

prevenciones preparations [I2]

prevenido ready [I41], forewarned [II63]

prevenir to prevent [I21], to foresee [I37], -se to be prepared [I27], to prepare oneself [I28], -se de to arrange [II16]

previlegio mod. privilegio copyright, [reI]

previsto foreseen [II24]

prez trophy [I7], glory [I29]

priesa = prisa haste [I1], pregnant [II41], skirmish [II53], crush of people [II62]; dar - a to harass [II17]

prima hermana first cousin [I22]

primavera spring [II53]

primera order [I25]

primeramente firstly [I30]

primero first [I1]; - que before [I7]; -s movimientos first impulses [I30]

primo first [I11]; cousin [I21]

primor beauty [I23], delicacy [II47]

princesa princess [I1]

principal renowned [I2], upper class [I36], main [II9]

principalidad high estate [I25]

principalmente mainly [II23]; high [II32]

príncipe prince [dedI], important person [II2]

principio beginning [tasa I]

priora prioress [I35]

prioste steward [I21]

prisa, darse to hurry [I6]

prisión prison [I40], arrest [I45]

prisiones fetters [I22]

prístino original [II32]

privado favorite [I40]

privanza favor [I24]

privar to deprive [II10]

privilegio copyright [priv. I]

pro arch. benefit [I2], dignity [I25], de - worthy [II25]

proa prow of ship [I38]

probanza evidence [I22]probar to attempt [I4], to test [I1], to prove [I13], to taste [I21], to try [I33]

proceder to issue [I2], to come from [II12]; behavior [I14]; - en infinito unending [II69]

proceloso tempestuous [II1]

procesión procession [I52]

procrear to procreate [II38]

procurador lawyer [I22]

procurar to try to [prI], to want to obtain [I28], to make sure [II71]

prodigalidad lavishness [II20]

prodigioso wonderful [pról. II], monstrous [II36]

pródigo lavish [I39], generous person [II17], extravagant [II67]

proeza feat [I3]

profanar to dishonor [I27]

profano secular [prI]

profecía prophecy [I30]

profesar to practice [I1], to participate [II63]

profesión profession [I2]

profesor one who professes [I37]

profeta prophet [II62]

profetizar to prophesy [II23]

profundamente deeply [I34]

profundidad depths [II8]

profundísimo very deep [II23]

profundo deep [I27], depths [II51]

progreso progression [I13]

prójimo fellow creature [I16]

prolijidad verbosity [II26]

prolijo long-winded [I51], long [II44]

prólogo prologue [prI]

prolongado prolonged [II48]

promesa promise [I1], vow [II67]

prometer to promise [I1], to allow [I44], to lead one to believe [II20]

prometido promised [I14]

prometimiento promise [I28]

promontorio cape [I41]

promovido promoted [I39]

prompto = pronto [I11]

pronosticado foretold [I46]

pronto ready [I3]

pronunciado pronounced [I4]

propias womenfolk [II42]

propincuo near [I15]

propio proper [I3], one's own [I14], messenger [ded. II], itself [II44]

proponer to propose [I6], to present [I12]

proporcionado proportioned [II42]

propósito aim [I2], subject matter [I2], intention [I24], purpose [I31]; a - properly [I48], fit for [I4], aptly [I5]; de - earnestly [I31], intentionally [I41]; hacer al - to apply [I33]

propriedad = propiedad propriety [I6], property [I21], appropriateness [I9]

proprio = propio proper [I25], itself I41], one's own [I51]

propuesto proposed [I39]

prosa prose [I1]

prosapia ancestry [I13]

proseguir to continue [I2]

prosopopeya pomposity [II36]

próspero fair [I29], favorable [I39]

prosuponer to suppose [II49]prosupuesto = presupuesto goal [I3], resolve [II12], object [II35]; - que since [I33], given [I37]

protestar to assure [I49], to warn [II17]

protoencantador protoenchanter [II41]

provecho profit [prI], benefit [I15], use [I17],

provechoso beneficial [reI], useful [II43]

proveedor provider [I18]

proveer to provide [I10], to decide a case [I22], -se to supply oneself [I7]

proveído supplied [I3], appointed [I42]

providencia providence [I25], foresight [II12]

provincia province [I7]

provocado provoked [I25]

prudencia circumspection [dedI], prudence [I22], judiciousness [I25]

prudente judicious (person) [prI]

prudentísimo very judicious [II2]

prueba proof [I10], attempt [I40], a - y estése remand [II26]

pública voz common knowledge [II7]

publicador publisher [I46]

públicamente publicly [I35]

publicar to proclaim [I14], to make known [I28]

público public [I5]

pucheritos, con whimpering [II44]

puchero stew-pot [II20], hacer -s to sob [II74]

pudrir to rot [I17], -se to get angry [II43]

pueblo town [I1]

pueda may [II74]

puente bridge [I32], - levadiza drawbridge [I2]

puerco pig [I2]; foul [II43]

puerta gate [I2], - falsa back door [I2], a - cerrada wholly [II74]

puerto port [I30], tomar - to land [I15], - seguro safe port [II60]

pues then [I2], since [I1], - que although [prI]

puesto having put [I1], set [I8], equipped [I42/43], determined [I52]; position [I42], place [II20]; - que although [I2], even if [I27], - caso que although [I33]

pugnar (por) to struggle to [I4]

pulcela maiden Ital. [II44]

pulga flea [I30]

pulgares "fingers" [I22]

pulir to polish [I18], to pluck [II40]

pulla rude remark [II10]

púlpito pulpit [II3]

pulpo octopus [II19]

pulso pulse [II4], steady hand [II19]

punta extremity, tip [I7], promontory [I20], point [I21], de - en blanco from head to foot [II11], -s y collar smatterings [I22], -s y remates borders [I27], -s de randas lace [II52]puntada, dar t o persist [I33], to start [II28]; no dar - not to have the least idea [II62]

puntería aiming [II54]

puntiagudo sharp [pról. II]

puntillazo kick [II63]

puntillo small point [II58]

punto detail [I1], instant [I2], moment [I4], stitch [I30], point [I40], position [I41], bit [II31]; a - ready [I39], exactly [I46], al - immediately [I31], a un - at the same time [I27], instantly [I28]; en un - imme diately [I1]; luego al - immediately [I3], - y término point [I8], en su - up to the mark [I14], at its greatest [I41], in perspective [I42], just right [II62]; ready [I17], in the right place [I20], - de reposo [I16], < B>a - de about to [I18], de todo - completely [I19], in perspective [I20], - de ready to [I20], poner en su - to appreciate [I37], poner en su - to come to a conclusion, tomar -s to darn [II2], a cada - consta ntly [II27], de - en punto with each moment [II68]

puntoso demanding [II1]

puntual accurate [I9]

puntualidad exactness [prI], diligence [II23], con toda - scrupulously [I3]

puntualísimo very punctual [I16], very accurate [II50]

puntualmente exactly [I12]

puntuoso affected [II50]

punzamiento puncturing [II69]

punzar to puncture [II39], to sting [II68]

punzón awl [II48]

puñada punch [I16]

puñado handful [I39]

puñal dagger [I15]

puñalada stab [II33]

puñalero poniard maker [II23]

puño fist [I11], handful [I11], hilt of a sword [I14], punch [I44], cuff [II70]

pupilo orphan [I3]

purgar to purge [I6], to give an enema [II47]

purgatorio purgatory [I25]

puridad secret [II52]

purísimo very pure [I21]

puro pure [I41], a - by dint of [I33]

púrpura de Tiro Tyrian purple [I11]

pusilanimidad cowardliness [II41]

puta whore [I16]

putería lewd acts [II13]

puto bugger [II13]

puto sodomite [II29]