Don Quixote Dictinary. Compiled by Tom Lafthrop.

Don Quixote Dictionary

Don Quixote Dictionary

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rabel rebec [I11]

rabia rage [I9]

rabiar to seethe with rage [I9], to be furiously eager [II9]

rabioso furious [I51]

rabo tail [I21]

rabultado matted [I23]

racimo bunch (of grapes, dates) [II21]

ración portion [I2], income [II24]

rafigurar to recognize [II54]

raíces property [I12]

raído scraped [II55]

raigón root [II57]

raíz root [I44]

raja shred, slice [I6], - de Florencia a fine cloth [I6]

rajar to split [I52]

rajita little slice [II66]

ralea breed [I4], kind [II38]

rallar to scrape [I42/43]

ralo with gaps [II23]

rama branch [I25]

ramal rope [II36]

ramera prostitute [prI]

ramo branch [I8], bouquet [I14]

rana frog [II42]

rancho small room [I16], hut [II29], jail cell [I40]

rancioso old [I28]

rancor = rencor animosity [I9]

randado lace-trimmed [II47]

randas lace [II18], puntas de - lace [II52]

randera lacemaker [II70]

rapacería childish prank [II49]

rapador barber [II1]

rapamiento shaving [II40]

rapar(se) to shave [I21]

rapaza young girl [I12]

rapiña prey, aves de - birds of prey [II22]

rapista barber [II1]

raposa fox [I29]

raras veces infrequently [I3]

raro extravagant [I11], strange [I23], rare [I39]

rasa smooth [I18]

rascarse to scratch one another [II12], to scratch oneself [II22]

rasgado torn [I20], strumming [I51]

rasgar to tear [I25]

rasguño sketch [II32]

raso smooth [I18], satin [I27], en campo - in the open air [I19], silla rasa plain saddle [II10]

rastrear to drag [I18], to investigate [I23], to skim the ground [II40]

rastrillado combed [I28]

rastrillar to comb [I25]

rastrillo iron grating over gate [II71]

rastro trail [II14], slaughterhouse [II20]

rastrojos harvested field [I2]

rata prorated [I20], - por cantidad prorated [II28]

ratero trivial [I16]

rato period of time [I1], rat [I16]

raudal swift current [II29]raya line [I34], border [II26], a - within limits [I3], within bounds [I8], echar - to surpass [II47]

rayar en to approach [I39]

rayo ray [I7], lightning bolt [I18]

raza race [I28]

razón reason [I1], rational faculty [I1], word [prI], consideration [I2], justice [I4], argument [I38]; ser - to be right [I1], estar a - to be reasonable [II16], por - de because of [I14], con - reasona bly [I27], con buena - reasonably [I19], dar - to explain [I35]

razonable reasonable [I7], proper [I41]

razonado, bien well-spoken [II32]

razonamiento speech [I11], conversation [II3]

razonar to talk [I25]

real Spanish silver coin worth 34 maravedís [I1]; spoils [I21]; royal [I21], - Consejo Royal Council [I32]

realzar to enhance [II4]

rebaño flock [I18]

rebenque whip [II63]

rebién very well [I23]

rebullir to come to life [II69]

rebuznar to bray [II25]

rebuzno bray [II8], braying [II25]

recado message [I20], profit [I37], provisions [I48], feed [II25], mal - injury [I15], carelessness [I23]

recámara bedroom [I27]

recambio reciprocation [I27]

recapacitar to remind [II43]

recatado modest [I24]

recatarse to be cautious [I34]

recato modesty [I12], prudence [I12], reserve [I42]

recebía = recibía [I1]

recebían = recibían [I3]

recebido = recibido received [I3], accepted [I49]

recebir = recibir

recelarse to suspect [I24], to become suspicious [I24]

recelo fear [I35]

receloso fearful [II19]

receta recipe [I10], prescription [aprob. II]

recetado prescribed [I27]

rechinante to creak [II34]

reciamente strongly [II14]

recibir to accept [I4], to greet [I13]

recio strong [I1], hard to bear [I25], hard [II71]

recíproco reciprocal [I33]

recitante actor [II11]

recitar to recite [I25]

reclusión seclusion [II15]

recluso in seclusion [I6]

recobrar to recover [II35]

recoger(se) to gather (together) [I2], to take shelter [I2], to lock up [I33], to retire [42]

recogido received [I11], crouching [I16], reserved [I33], secluded [II46]

recogimiento privacy [I12], concentration [I11], seclusion [II1]recompensa compensation [I11]

recompensar to recompense [I47]

reconciliado reconciled [I28]

reconciliarse to be reconciled [I40]

reconocer to recognize [I27]

recordación remembrance [I8]

recordar to wake up [II41]

recorrer to examine [I17]

Recorrido having run fingers over [strings of instrument] [II44]

recostado leaning [I42/43]

recostar to court [I3], -se to lean against [I50]

recreación recreation [I48]

recrear to gladden [I24], -se to enjoy [I47]

recto straight [I20], direct [I29]

rector principal, head [II1], headmaster [II47]

rectoría office of principal [ded. II]

rectórico eloquent [I48]

recua drove of mules, horses [I3]

recuesto slope [I47]

red net [I21]

redecilla harinet [II49]

redemir = redimir: - su vejación to relieve one's vexation [II35]

redención recovery [I2]

redoma flask [I10]

redonda, a la around [I11]

redondez roundness, face [of earth] [I19]

redondo round [I33]

redropelo, a against one's will [II12]

reducir to convert [prI], to come to [I23], to restore [I27], to persuade [I28], to bring [I30], to convince [II7]; -se to reconfirmed oneself [II65], to stay [II73]; - a cuenta to count [I38]

redundar to redound [I3]

refacción nourishment [I50]

referido mentioned [I3]

referir to relate [I3], -se a to refer to [tasa II]

refocilarse to have recreation [I15], to enjoy [II22]

reforzar to make loud [I16]

refrán saying, proverb [I7]

refrancico little proverb [II28]

refriega fray [I18]

refrigerio comfort [I37]

refugio refuge [I36]

regaladamente pleasantly [I27]

regaladísimo well entertained [II18]

regalado cheerful [I8], pampered [I28], delicate [I42/43]

regalar to entertain [I11], to pamper [I28], to caress [I42/43]

regalo pleasure [prI], joy [I24], comfort [I37], luxury [II18]

regañar to argue [II70]

regatón hoarder [II51]

regazo lap [II45]

regenta president of the court of justice's wife [II60]

regente president of the court of justice [II60]

regidor alderman [II25]regimiento municipal council [II45]

región = legión legion [I45]

regir to rule [I4], to control [II14], to direct [II63]

registro register book [I22]

regocijadamente joyfully [I8]

regocijado happy [II5]

regocijador merrymaker [II7]

regocijar to gladden [I33]

regocijo merriment [I19], joy [I45], -s festivities [I22]

regodeo jest [I22]

regoldar to belch [II43]

regostare to take a fancy to [II69]

regüeldo belch [II43]

rehacerse to rally [I19]

rehuir to refuse [I28]

rehusar to refuse [I26], to not accept [II18]

reina queen [I4]

reinar to reign [I47]

reino kingdom [reI]

reinocorporarse to reconcile oneself [II65]

reír to laugh [I3]

reiterar to reiterate [II18]

reja grate [I21], - del corvo arado plow [I11]

rejal stack of bricks laid criss-cross [II20]

rejo strength [I25]

relación report [reI], telling [I9], account [II7]

relatar to relate [II10]

relente lack of care [II53]

relieve relief [II58]

relieves leftovers [I20]

religión order [I39], religion [II8]

religioso friar [I8]

relinchar neighing [I18]; to neigh [II8]

relincho neigh [II4]

reliquia relic [I18], vestige [I41], holy relic [I33], -s remains [II26]

reloj clock [I33]

relucir to sparkle [II7]

relumbrar to shine [I21]

remachar to flatten [I52]

remanecer to reappear suddenly [I12]

remanso sluggishness [II17]

rematadamente utterly [I38]

rematado terminated [I1], complete [II33]

rematar to finish [I19]

remate end [I40], como - on top of it all [I35], puntas y -s borders [I27]

remediar to remedy [prI], to help [I45], to put a stop to [II16]

remedio remedy [I5], medicine [I24], measures [I40]

remendado mended [II2], spotted [II10]

remendón clothes mender [I3]

rementir to lie [I45]

remero rower [I41]

remiendo patch [II44]

remirar to inspect [I24]

remisión pardon [I6], seclusion [I33], postponement [II67]

remiso remiss [II32]

remitir to submit [I50], to send [II21], -se to defer [I45]remo oar [I39]

remojado marinated [I2]

remolino barrier of people [I52]

remondarse el pecho to clear one's throat [II46]

remontar to soar [II41]

remorder to cause remorse [II31]

remoto remote [I25]

remunerar to pay [I21]

renacuajo tadpole [I18]

rencilla quarrel [II25]

renco limping [II44]

rencuentro fight [I38], encounter [II12]

rendición recovery [I2]

rendido obsequious [I1], subdued [I18], surrendered [I4]

rendir to overcome [I1], to give back [I23], to deliver [I40], to subdue [I41], to yield [II25]; -se to surrender [I9]

rendirse to surrender [I34]

renegado renegade [I40]

renegar to change religions [I40], to complain [I51], to disown [II13]

renglón written line [prI]

renglones, entre as afterthoughts [I21]

reniego execration [I15]

renombre name [I32], renown [I48]

renovar to reiterate [I29], to rebuild [I52], to remind [II1], to renovate [II1], to revive [II1], to renew [II3]

renquear to limp [II30]

renta income, - rentada fixed income [I26]

renunciar to give up [I10]

reñido hard-fought [I16], bitter [I21]

reñir to scold [I28], to argue [I32], to fight [II14]

repacejo fringe [II49]

reparar to consider [prI], to stop [I30], to ward off [II59], - de to supply with provisions [I29], - en to wait for [I27], to take notice [I28], -se to protect oneself [I3]

repartible, no what cannot be distributed [II60]

repartición distribution [II60]

repartido distributed [I24]

repartir to divide [I40], to distribute [I41]

repasar to go back over [II51]

repelón rapid attack on horseback [II55]

repente, de sudden [II24]

repentino unexpected [I27], sudden [I34]

repicar to ring [II19],

réplica objection [I4], appeal [I6]

replicar to respond [prI], to say [I8], to dispute [I12], to contradict [I13], to say [II41]

reportar(se) to refrain [I20]

reposadamente calmly [II32]

reposado quiet [I2], calm [II8]

reposar to rest [I22]

reposo tranquility [I3], repose [I13], rest [I41]repostería luggage [II34], larder [II59]

reprehender to reprimand [I36], to reprehend [II16]

reprehendido = reprendido blamed [I14]

reprehensión reprimand [I4], reprehension [aprob. I]

reprehensor reprehensor [aprob. II]

representación play [II19]

representado put on, as a play [ded. II]

representante actor [I48]

representar to make appear [I2], to occur [I9], to dramatize [I34], to represent [I40], to put on a play, to act [I48], -se to picture [I27]

reprimir to control [I30]

reprochar to reject [I2], to reproach [I17]

reproche rebuke [I11]

reprueba more proof [II26]

reptar to challenge [II52]

república republic [I38]

repuesto provisions [I19], dresser [I34]

repugnar to oppose [I27]

repulgado affected [II40], with border [II48]

reputado renowned [II14]

requebrar to court [I12]

requerido courted [I33]

requerir to require [I18], to put on [I29] to persuade [II17], to investigate [I34] - de amores to court [I28]

requesones cottage cheese [II17]

requestar to court [I3]

requiebro love story [I1], flattery [I16], flirting remark [II21]

requirimiento demand [II17]

requirir = requerir to require [I49]

requisito requirement [II16]

res head of cattle [I18]

resbalar to slip off [I42/43]

resbaloso slippery [I20]

rescatado ransomed one [I40]

rescatarse to ransom oneself [I40]

rescate ransom [I39]

rescebido = recibido [I33]

rescibió = recibió [I4]

resentirse to recover senses [I15], to feel the effects [I42/43], to take offense [II1]

reservado retained [I14]

resfriar to cool [I24], -se to catch cold [II71]

residir to reside [tasa II]

resistir to resist [I33]

resolución resolve [I20], en - in short [prI]

resoluto resolved [I33]

resolverse to resolve [I35]

resonar to resound [I12]

respecto regard [prI]

respeto observance [I11], respect [I3], account [I35]

respirar to breathe [I35]

resplandecer to shine [I41]

resplandeciente shining [II10], bright [II25]

resplandor brightness [I16], flash [I38]responder to answer [I7], to respond [I27], to correspond [I44]

respondiente answerer [II62]

respondón responding [II62]

respuesta answer [I4]

resquebrajo crack (error for requiebro) [II10]

resquicio gap [I11], crack [pról II]

restar to remain [I3]

restituido restored [I29]

restituir to restore [I29]

resucitador reviver [II25]

resucitar to come back to life [I1], to revive [I7]

resuelto resolved [I26]

resultar to turn out [I22]

retablo portable theater [II25], altarpiece [II58]

retama broom branch [I25]

retar to challenge [I44]

retazos bits and pieces [II47]

retintín sound [II40]

retirada withdrawal [II67]

retirado withdrawn [II9]

retirar to take away [I3], -se to withdraw [I16], to retire [II70]

retor = rector

retórica rhetoric [prI]

retórico rhetorician [prI]

retorno return [I16], de - rental [II40]

retozar to frolic [II38], - la risa en el cuerpo to repress laughter [II32]

retraer to take refuge [I10]

retratado etched [I42/43]

retratarse de to retract [II24]

retrato portrait [I4], appearance [II16]

retular = rotular to inscribe [II73]

rétulo = rótulo sign [I9]

retumbar to resound [II26]

reuma abscess [I18]

revalidar to revive [I10], to retaliate [I26]

reventar to burst [I3]

reverencia, hacer to bow [II10]

reverenciar to revere [I45]

reverendísimo very reverent [II48]

reverendo reverent [I29]

revés backhand slash [I1], change [I24], diagonal slash, left to right [II19], al - the other way around [I22], por el - from the back [II62]

revivir to revive [I52]

revocar to revoke [II44]

revolcar to knock down [II7]

revoltillo mess [II43]

revolver to turn [I18], to return [II19], -se to turn around [I19]

revuelta deviation [prI]

revuelto convoluted [I6], turned over [I19], wrapped [I35]

rey king [I7]

rezar to pray [I3], to read [I45]

ribera shore [I18], bank (of river) [II28]

ribete trimming [I27], hem [II38]

ricamente richly [I21]

rico rich [I4]

ridículo laughable [II3]

rienda rein [I2]; a - suelta rashly [I3], tener las -s to rein in [II16]riendo laughing [I4]

riesgo risk [I36], estar al - to withstand [I1]

rieto = reto I challenge [I44]

rigor severity [dedI], por todo - to the extremes [II56]

riguridad harshness [II58]

rigurosamente severely [I15]

riguroso critical [I25], rigorous [I2], severe [I7]

rijoso lustful [I15]

rimero heap [I6]

rincón corner [I1], nook [I23]

riña quarrel [pról. II]

riñón kidney [II18]

río river [prI]

ripio rubble [II4]

riqueza wealth [I12], richness [II58], -s riches [I41]

risa laughter [prI], de - laughable [I52]

risco stone [I11], cliff [I14]

ristre lance rest [I8]

risueño smiling person [prI]; smiling [I20], laughable [I52]

robado kidnaped [I21], robbed [I26]

robador robber [I8]

robar to rob [I1], to kidnap [I21]

roble oak tree [I8]

robo robbery [I23]

robusto robust [I11]

roca rock [I34]

rociar to sprinkle [I6]

rocín hack [I1]

rocino arch. rocín [I2]

rocío moisture [I52], dew [I49]

rodado dappled [I21]

rodaja wheel [II19]

rodar to roll [I4]

rodeado surrounded [I33]

rodear to move [I8], to go all the way around [I17], to surround [I1], to arrange [I26], to roam [II5], to turn [II41]

rodela round shield [I7]

rodeo circumlocution [I11], roundabout way [I42]

rodilla knee [I1], de - on one's knees [I29], - de aparadores dishrag [II32]

roer to gnaw [I34], - los zancajos to backbite [II36]

rogación entreaty [II22]

rogar to implore [I2], to beg [I22], to pray [I10], to court [I13], to ask [I50]; de - urging [I11]

rogativa prayers for rain [I52]

roído gnawed [I26]

rollizo plump [I20]

roma, nariz flat nose [I16]

romadizado with a cold [I31]

romance ballad [I2], Spanish [I40]

romancista writer in Spanish [II16]

romano Roman [I13], striped [II20], a lo - in a toga [II69]

rombo rhombus [II35]

romero rosemary [I11], pilgrim [II41]

romper to break [prI], to tear up [II16]; al - del alba at daybreak [I34]

rompido (mod. roto) broken [I4]

roncar to snore [II14]

ronco hoarse [I14]ronda patrol [II49]

rondar make the rounds [II49]

rondón, de rashly [II32], headlong [II60]

ronquillo a bit hoarse [II46]

ropa clothing [I19], merchandise [II71], hacer a toda - to rob everything [I41]

ropilla doublet [I22]

ropón gown [I21]

rosa rose [I13]

rosado crimson [I2]

rosario rosary [I26]

rosca coil [II23]

rostro face [I1], dar - to face [I19], hacer mal - a to be cool toward [I35], hacer - to face [II32]

roto broken [I8], ragged [I13], torn [I23]

rotura hole [I16]

rozagante flowing [II35]

roznar to bray [II29]

rúa, de in street clothes [II62]

rubí ruby [I50]

rubicundo blond [I2]

rubio golden [I18], blond [II39], blondness [II58]

rubión reddish wheat [I31]

rubricado initialed [reI]

rucio silver grey [I21]

rueca distaff

rueda wheel [I34], spread of a peacock's tail [I42], en la - present [I45], - de molino millstone [II6]

ruego supplication [I17], request [I41]

rufián ruffian [I34]

rugido roar [II5]

rugir roar [I14]

ruibarbo rhubarb [I6]

ruido noise [prI], clamor [I7], dispute [I8]

ruin vile [I4], frail [II35]

ruina fall [I9], perdition [I30], -s ruins [I20]

rumiar to meditate on [II31]

rumor noise [I20], murmuring [II9]

rumpante rampant [I46]

rus nonsense word euphemism for Dios [II25]

rusticidad rusticity [II67]

rústico coarse [I27], peasant [I50]

rutilante shining [II35]