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This guide explains the layout of The Cervantes Project website and describes the structure and content of various directories and links. The following areas are available in this guide:

Site Map/Guide Contents

The Cervantes Project web site is divided into several distinct categories. Links to these sections are present on the toolbar to the left at all times. These areas are listed and described in detail below.

Main Site Areas

The Bibliography section contains a collaborative effort on the part of professors and researchers from Texas A&M University, the Centro del Estudios Cervantinos, and others from countries around the world to compile the Cervantes International Bibliography Online and the Anuario Bibliográfico Cervantino which are described below.

Cervantes International Bibliography Online
The Cervantes International Bibliography Online (CIBO) is a comprehensive record of all significant books, articles, dissertations, reviews, and other scholarly materials related to Cervantes' works and life.

The CIBO is compiled with the assistance of an international team of collaborators, and produced in the Department of Modern & Classical Languages, Texas A&M University, in cooperation with the Center for the Study of Digital Libraries (CSDL) -- part of the TAMU Engineering Program -- and with the financial support of the Centro de Estudios Cervantinos, Alcalá de Henares (Spain).

Anuario Bibliográfico Cervantino
The ABC is published annually in the Fall as an incremental bibliography to supplement the cumulative Cervantes International Bibliography Online (CIBO). It follows the same organization and format as the CIBO and aims to include everything published during the previous year plus two indexes: 1) Authors, reviewers, editors and translators; 2) Subjects and Names.

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The Cervantes Digital Library (CDL) is a digital library of Cervantes's complete works in several versions (princeps, old-spelling, modernized, English) along with the interfaces, hypertext links, and search engines to facilitate their use at multiple levels. Our goal is to develop a collection of texts and editions fully integrated with the other components of the Project (Bibliography, Images, and Links).

The (CDL) is a project developed in collaboration with the Center for the Study of Digital Libraries and Prof. Fred Jehle of Indiana-Purdue University, and receives financial support from the College of Liberal Arts, Texas A&M University, and the Centro de Estudios Cervantinos, Alcalá de Henares (Spain).

All texts are copyright protected and are published on the World Wide Web with the permission of the copyright holders. The texts may be used for non-commercial purposes. Written permission is required for commercial and for-profit uses.

This section will contain links to the various versions we have compiled including the above mentioned interfaces to the texts, related section links, and search engines.

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The Cervantes Digital Archive of Images (CDAI) aims to develop a digital archive of photographic images on Cervantes's times and works suitable for teaching and research purposes. The CDAI is currently being revamped for better search capabilities.

This section shall house the images we have collected, including links to other galleries if appropriate. These images will be divided up into related galleries with navigation aids present to help you manuever through the gallery.

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We have gathered together a list of web sites that have useful information and discussion to contribute to the subject of Cervantes. Sites have been divided into categories based on topic and are presented in a tabular format including a short description. This description also includes whether the site is multi-lingual and in which languages it is presented, and attempts to identify the site author/director when applicable. Site categories currently include:

Cervantes Works
This section contains links to external sites which house electronic translations and versions of Miguel Cervantes' works.

Cervantes Institutions
In this section are the homepages of various organizations and societies whose focuses are Miguel Cervantes, his works, or a related subject.

Online Journals
These links are to the electronic version homepages of various magazines and e-zines whose focuses range from Cervantes, to Spanish life, to Spanish culture.

Cervantes, Spanish, and Don Quixote Links
This section lists miscellaneous links which relate to Cervantes, his works, and other aspects of Spanish literature and culture.

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In the news section we will keep you up to date on any conferences, notices, publications, or activities that occur related to Cervantes and his works. Check back here regularly for updates.

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Site Map
This section is the page you are currently viewing. This guide is intended to explain the layout of our site to you and aid you in quickly locating useful information. The guide contains two sections. The first is this section, an explanation of various sections/directories and links within the site. Secondly, the layout of our toolbars/sidebars and overall page layout is explained further down this page.

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About Cervantes
This section contains a short biographical synopsis and commentary on Miguel Cervantes life and times. Little true, factual data is known about Cervantes, and much of his life has been reconstructed over the years. This biography comments on and explains how this has occurred.

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About The Cervantes Project
This page discusses the project behind this website, The Cervantes Project. Member individuals and organizations are listed with appropriate links. The project's goals and staff members are also described in more detail.

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Page Layout/Toolbar(s) Explanation

Throughout The Cervantes Project web site, you should notice a consistent, friendly design and interface. We hope that this simple layout of links and toolbars is helpful and not distracting. If you have any suggestions for the design of this site, please feel free to e-mail Dr. Urbina.

Each page contains the same basic components. These are listed and described below. Click here for a sample screen shot broken up into key areas.

Navigation Toolbar
The toolbar will be present throughout the site. This toolbar contains links to all the major section in The Cervantes Project web site. To understand what each of these sections refers to, please review the main site areas section of the site map.

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Title Bar
The title bar will reflect the section you are currently browsing. Also at the top of each page in this area you will find The Cervantes Project logo on the right hand side. At any time, just click this logo to return to the home page.

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Page Content
The actual information contained on each page is displayed in this area including text, images, and related links.

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Member Organization/Sponsor Image Bar
This area serves multiple purposes. Primarily, icons will be displayed here which represent various organizations which are in some way involved with or support the Cervantes Project. Secondly, if a sister site and the Cervantes Project decide to support each other's sites by displaying logos, these will be shown here.

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